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    Steve Whittle,

    Factel Media

    We received a fantastic response when using StuckForStaff Tender Service; I would strongly recommend other companies/brands to use this service, I now have a short list of more.

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    Helen Dodwell,

    Staffing Manager for Sense (UK)

    Our database consists of over 2,500 staff but we still use SFS on a day-to-day basis. The last minute availability feature is great and accurate, saving us so much time and more.

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Experience Summary

My interests: promotions and marketing, tattoo's, art, motorcycles, children, healthcare; achievements: children, work View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Management, Field Management, tour management, Costume work, Body painting work, Photography work, Runway shows, Fashion shows, Print work, event planning



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Panasonic, Microsoft, Quiznos, Tattoo conventions and shows, healthcare

  • Bar Promotions

    Budweiser, Bud light, Corona, Fat Tire, Tequila, Vodka, Puckers, Coors, smirnoff Black, Captain Morgan, Jim Bean, Wild Turkey Dark Honey, Jack daniels Egg nog

  • Brand Ambassador

    Nissan Leaf Tour , New Years Eve Masquerade,Wii Fit Plus, Panasonic/Fuji Touch Future,Progressive Motorcycle Ins,Kelloggs Face Painting,PC Book Store College Store,Magnum Red carpet event, Looney Toones tuner Network,Alice in Wonderland, In theater as Cats Werthers Event,Allstate Motorcycle shows,Kelloggs Costume BJ’s,Metal X putter golf promo,Doodle for Google,Cirque Du Soleil,Sporticus Character event,Puckers event,Microsoft 8 Tour,Canon & Sony,NASCAR, Womens Expo, Barrett Jackson, Zaza Ink Tattoo Conventions around the US

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    Arizona teams....cardinals, diamond backs, coyotes hockey, barrett jackson, NASCAR, Phoenix Open, many concerts, norah jones, red hot chili peppers, Tempe marathon 2013

  • Costume and Character

    Diggim the frog, Tony the tiger, alice in wonderland the cheshire cat (Body Painting), phantom of the opera, cats (theater), Tucan Sam, Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck,

  • Data Capture

    Allstate- Fiesta Bowl, Microsoft 8 Tour,Canon & Sony,NASCAR, Womens Expo, Barrett Jackson,Panasonic/Fuji Touch Future,Progressive Motorcycle Ins

  • Demonstration

    Mudslides and Orange cycle Alcoholic drinks, Captain Morgan,Jim Bean, Wild Turkey Dark Honey, Jack daniels Egg nog,Tequila, Vodka, Puckers, smirnoff

  • Event Management

    Microsoft 8, Pharmaceutics event womens expo, Quiznos, NASCAR, Barrett Jackson

  • Flyering

    With basically every company I have worked with has had flyering...Zaza Ink Tattoo Conventions

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    At the Barrett Jackson- SPX Promotion, Microsoft 8 Tour,NASCAR, Womens Expo,Metal X putter golf promo

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Ive done Ice Cream, soda, Peanuts, Liquior demonstrations and sampling

  • Mall Events

    Santas Greeter, Looney Toons

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Blue Ray,Microsoft 8 Tour,Canon & Sony, Nissan Leaf Tour, Wii Fit Plus, Panasonic/Fuji Touch Future

  • Merchandising

    many of the promotions I have worked had merchandising NASCAR is the biggest one and Barrett Jackson

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    Nascar, Barrett Jackson Auction

  • Modelling

    Fashion Shows, Run way, Jewelry, Bathing suits, Lingerie, clothing, Hair, makeup, body parts (NO NUDITY)

  • Presenting

    Allstate Fiesta Bowl football game

  • Roadshows

    Allstate and Progressive Motorcycle road shows and I also travel for Motorcycle tattoo Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, California, Vegas, Wisconsin, Illinois....anywhere!

  • Sales

    Tech sales, Food Sales, Clothing sales, Fitness product sales, Tattoo sales

  • Sampling

    Liquor, food, health drinks, red bull, whey protein drinks and bars, smartwater, Vitamin water, tequila

  • Security

    Tequila games tour in Tempe and Scottsdale yearly

  • Set Up / Labor

    goes along very well with the management position in my management jobs and many other brand ambassador work

  • Technology

    Panasonic, Fuji, sony, Canon, Microsoft 8 tour

  • Tour Manager

    Microsoft 8, Kelloggs, Quiznos

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Nissan Leaf Tour , Microsoft 8 Tour,Canon & Sony, NASCAR, Womens Expo, Barrett Jackson, Zaza Ink Tattoo Conventions around the US

  • Qualifications

    See Resume Below: Shawn Rieck 520-252-6670 PROMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE ? The Parlor Salon Arizona Models Runway Show Model Martini Ranch Events and Promotions Flapper Dancer ? AZ State Fair-Kelloggs Events & Promotions Dig’Em Character ? Nissan Leaf Tour Productions Plus Brand Ambassador New Years Eve Masquerade Razmataz/Linker Candelabra’s Quiznos Promotion Attack Event Staffing Lead/Manager Wii Fit Plus-Tucson Encore Brand Amabassador Panasonic/Fuji Touch Future Forte Promotions Brand Ambassador Tour 2010 Progressive Motorcycle Ins Ascent Promotions Brand ambassador Kelloggs Face Painting ATN Promo Face painter PC Book Store College Store Team Marketing Brand Ambassador Magnum Red carpet event StaffOn Models Brand ambassador Looney Toones tuner Network Productions Plus Character Costume Bugs bunny/Daffy Duck Alice in Wonderland Valerie Linker Body paint/Cheshire Cat In theater as Cats Valerie Linker Body paint/Costume Cats Werthers Event Encore Brand Ambassador/photographer Allstate Motorcycle shows Productions Plus Brand Ambassador/ NH & MA Kelloggs Costume BJ’s ATN Promo Toucan Sam character Metal X putter golf promo Event Pro Strategies Brand Ambassador Doodle for Google Event Pro Strategies Managed event Cirque Du Soleil Event Pro Strategies Frog Costume Parade team Sporticus Character event Extreme Marketing Costume Handler Puckers event Inspira Marketing Brand Ambassador/server Microsoft 8 Tour Encore nationwide Tour Field Manager Canon & Sony Productions Plus Brand Ambassador/Sales TRADESHOW GM Goodwrench Aspen Marketing Booth Hostess at Phx Womens Expo Phoenix Auto Show Productions Plus Hostess Men’s Luxury Toy Expo Productions Plus Lenz Motors PHATS Expo Statement Models Scientific Imagine tics Barrett Jackson Auction 2010 Taormina Enterprise Brand Ambassador NORVAS-AANP GC Marketing Brand Ambassador Microsoft Road show Productions Plus Brand Ambassador Panasonic Attack Event staffing Brand ambassador/camera Booth Barrett Jackson Auction 2011 Taormina Enterprise Brand Ambassador Mass. Tattoo & Arts Festival 2012 ZAZA INK Booth/set up hostess/BA Johnstown Thunder in The Valley ZAZA INK Brand ambassador / flyers Airforce Air and Water show 2012 Attack Brand ambassador / booth NASCAR-Extenze Staffon Models Product Sampler NASCAR Verizon Productions Plus Brand Ambassador/Smart Car driver NASCAR Chevy Racing Productions Plus Brand Ambassador/ Photographer


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