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    Thomas Kamm,


    The rating system is excellent; I find it most useful for agencies that use SFS to source staff. Agencies often call me first to work on their great campaigns; I am sure this is more.

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    Chris Dawson,

    The Field

    The SFS team produce a valuable experience for agencies and staff alike.

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Sarah's Profile

Experience Summary

Sarah "Styles" Al-Kassab is a one woman powerhouse of art, beauty, magic and performance. With a mixed-culture and mixed-religion background and a bi-coastal up bringing. Sarah is an experienced: Performer Model Children's Party Entertainer Spookesmodel Stylist Body Painter Face Painter Balloon Twister Dancer Roller Skater Costume and fashion Designer View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I am a LIVE performer! I have great on-stage/screen performance and can improv whenever neccessary. I also have hip-hop, belly dance and go-go experience.


Other Skills

I'm an outgoing self-starter. You only need to teach me a thing one time and I will be as efficient as possible. I am punctual and professional. I have lots of experience in many different fields of the industry and can be just as comfortable as talent as support. Thank you for your Consideration!


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Event Management

    I have experience producing fashion shows(2-30 models) and variety shows( up to 30 perfomers)

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    This was my first job when I was 17! I am also currently a greeter at upscale private parties.

  • Mall Events

    I have done this, although I believe I would be more effective in a creative/interactive role.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    I have Produced and modeled in Mall Fashion Shows.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    This is something I've been doing since I was 12 years old. My father owned a store and I was always making displays. Also, I have a degree in Fashion Design with focus on Merchandising.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I began modeling when I needed t document my fashion and costume designs. That was over 5 years ago.

  • Roadshows

    I have produced fashion and variety shows, which include major set up and strike.

  • Sampling

    I have car sales experience.

  • Set Up / Labor

    I'm often a Cabaret MC and a vaudeville performer, so I have lots of experience presenting others.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    I am a Children's Party Entertainer I specialize in Princess and Diva Parties I make all my own costumes.

  • Acting

    I'm a 3rd generation Theater person. An Arab-American. A woman. A vaudeville performer. All of these are great training for acting.

  • Dancer

    I have been rollerskating for over 15 years. Dance skating, Freestyle skating and Rollergirl style skating.

  • Face Painting

    I have 3 years experience Face Painting. I am currently booked through Fire Pixie Entertainment. I also Body Paint.

  • Make Up Artist

    Artistic makeup mixing face paint with fantasy designs. Also body painting.

  • Own Car

    I own a Honda.

  • Poker / Blackjack Dealer

    I am a vaudeville performer and a Cabaret MC.

  • Public Speaking

    I am trained in Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop, I have been belly dancing since I was a child and I have 5 years of go-go dancing experience. I can also partner dance pretty well.

  • Qualifications

    AA in Fashion Design and Merchandising with Emphasis on Costume Design Princess Training Fire Pixie Entertainment: magic, Face Paint, Balloon Twisting, Games, diffusing crisis situations


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