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    Lynne Carole,

    Agency Director, Lynne C and Company

    StuckForStaff has been an asset to our company. We have had some last-minute requests that required more staff and we were able to attain the extra help with your assistance. more.

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    Peter Carter,

    Camcoat Motor Sport Coatings (UK)

    Simple and effective service.

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Experience Summary

Thanks for the opportunity to share about myself. I'm a single, 31 year old male with no children who has been residing in Chicago most of my life, less a stint in Tennessee for a couple years in college and another couple scattered month size stints in Mississippi, where both sides of my family have roots. I'm open for travel. I entered this industry in 2009 as an almost desperate attempt at finding work after being laid off and having specialized skills in the depressed real estate and contracting insurance market. My income vanished. I applied everywhere I (thought I) was qualified and could not get an interview. I even applied for restaurants and retail stores. No calls back. I knew I didn't want a 'job' because I LOVE the field. But I had a house to pay for and 'had to take what I could get . . .' HA HA HA, I love it! I couldn't have been depressed at a better time! Craigslist was a gateway into promotional marketing. SWEET. I enjoy marketing, going all the way back to a child, handwriting flyers and 'business cards' for whatever it is I was peddling. I knew in my real estate ventures that as a bootstrapping entrepreneur I had to find a sponsor who would cover marketing, which was difficult for me at the time. I hit the streets myself. I WAS MY OWN STREET TEAM, graphic designer, brand ambassador, seminar instructor, you name it. I landed accounts with 3 repeat-purchase investors that set me OFF, all the result of passing out flyers. This occurred after a nudge from an uncle who said I would probably be good at researching property. Turned out he was dead on. I've been doing it every since, that was 2001. So, here I am. Self employed/business partnering my entire (young) life, and now my two staple incomes sources come from real estate and promotional marketing. Lows and highs, ballin' on a budget and striving for my next best in life! View my contact details, availability, and stats.


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First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Holiday promo for distributing cash gift cards in a FAR northern Chicago suburb. Neither myself or the manager knew much about where we were. RECORD: ONE OF THE COLDEST DAYS IN CHICAGO 2009. We pulled it off, leading a team of 12 - as best as we could for it to be the COLDEST day ever. It was so cold, people didn't want to take them. And WE were frozen stiff so we had to turn our WHOLE bodies so we wouldn't crack and snap over.

  • Auditing

    I trailed traveling associates taking photographs ensuring placement of flyers on residential doorknobs. I reported to the marketing company during the activation day with pictures of spot-check locations.

  • Bar Promotions


  • Brand Ambassador


  • Chef

    For one assignment, I was a demonstrator in a fresh market grocery store a couple/few times a week. I worked all double shifts (total 10 hours) cooking a variety of dishes, using store brand products. A frozen pizza Costco road tour and a Kraft macaroni road tour at Navy Pier. (Chicago) I rocked out ALL of these.

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    My most recent sporting event was at an NHRA stop at Route 66 Speedway in Joliet IL, less than 45 days ago. I was invited to return but I was already booked. I certainly would have taken it. I enjoyed my position, did it well, and had a nice time among all the visitors. We made branded and customized dog tags commemorating the event.

  • Costume and Character

    LoL, my lil' skinny self in a santa claus costume at a big box toy store. And get this . . . I was NOT in 'my' market. I was reliable, and I filled in for someone who bailed. I learned a lot that day. All observed through children. I even read a story, hosted an activity and shared cookies and juice with the little ones. It was a joy. I did a street team elf costume for a mobile carrier's holiday give away too.

  • Data Capture

    Pffft, what?! My name is Marco James Doctor Data Mallard.

  • Demonstration

    Marco Mallard is The Tassimo Chicago God Father! I was the man! My main stores were in downtown Chicago AND I covered suburban stores for 50% + of ALL no calls, cancellations, blank spots for 2 years. This earned me the privilege of representing Bosch/Tassimo at the international housewares show. I was offered the opportunity to take the traveling position, but at the time, I was silly in love and declined.

  • Event Management

    On my very first promo, I unknowingly committed myself to the manager position at a Costco sampling road tour for a frozen pizza brand. ROCKED THAT SUNUVA GUN OUT!!!! I got (several) compliments telling me that I was natural, as a brand ambassador and that I did well managing.

  • Flyering

    When in doubt; FLYER.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Greeter. National Association of Manufacturers Trade Show.

  • Hospitality

    My first 'real' job (lol, not my youthful entrepreneurial ventures, before I turned 15) was at a banquet hall! I held on to that job until I went to college!

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Tassimo Chicago God Father!

  • Mall Events

    Absolutely. I'm a regular at Westfield Malls for grand openings, in-store promotions and awareness campaigns carried out in mall common areas.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Versatility and self-motivated work ethic. I was given a list of local establishments to visit unsupervised, but with a deadline, and responsible for interviewing their managers to gather the most relevant public store data. I supplemented this info. with pictures supporting business service/products. I wrote short reviews for each business. This information was then uploaded into a social media based, online database of community businesses.

  • Merchandising

    I rendezvous to my artsy, ritzy side as a boutique/consignment consultant to an array of handpicked, awesomely talented cottage artists and designers.

  • Modelling

    Check out my new Scottie Pippen era 1989 Nike Air Flights! I'm fresh! I'm hoping I find some sneaks to match my upcoming guerrilla sampling campaign t-shirt!

  • Mystery Shopping

    I shopped several branches of a major US fitness club and got all different responses that I gave descriptive, detailed reports for. The staffing agency actually told me that the client was very pleased with my reports.

  • Presenting

    Well, as a real estate broker, when I'm not promo-ing, or behind the computer scheduling my stage, I present property 10-25 hours/week. Some weeks more. That doesn't include the countless home buyer workshops, educational networking events, and other various speaking events I'm asked to present at.

  • Roadshows


  • Sales

    I've sampled and done hand selling for the US's major liquor brands in Sam's Clubs in the Chicagoland area for the last two years on all holiday, special event, and new release/marketing boost days.

  • Sampling

    I start a guerrilla sampling blitz in less than 48 hours for a leading dip brand. 16 days in one month. I'm not doing all days, but I picked up 9 and I might put myself on stand-by for 2-3 more.

  • Set Up / Labor

    I just did a set up (less than 72 hours from the writing of this description) for a 'mobile tailor' in a NBA court-sized area. Signing, branding, tables, 4-6 clothing racks, and 12 dressing booths. And . . . we ain't talking retail store stuff. EVERYTHING was stainless steel and glass/mirrors. AND the dressing booths were like 8 feet tall and the so were the clothing racks. 10 tables were 5 feet high.

  • Technology


  • Tradeshows / Conferences


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