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    Victoria Holland,

    Office Manager, Gen-x it Ltd (UK)

    I found the service very easy to use, and it took all of the hard work out of finding promotion staff. Saved me a lot of time. Very convenient to have agencies email more.

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    Anna-louise Marshall,


    SFS is certainly the central portal for promotions. I would not be able to work full time in this industry if it wasn't for SFS. I've worked on some fantastic campaigns which have more.

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Erica's Profile

Experience Summary

Hi. My name is Erica and I have over six years of promotional experience. I have worked for eight different companies and have done promotions all over Connecticut. I have experience in bars, liquor stores, supermarkets, malls, and at concerts. I have work experience as a field manager, merchandiser, promotional model, brand ambassador, and auditor. When I am not doing promotions I am either working as a Special Education Tutor or waitressing. I love to stay busy! During my days off I like to work out, go to the beach, spend time with friends and family, and find something new and fun to do. I love promotions because I love interacting with people and love that each promotion is different so each day is different. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

For the past two years I have worked as a Lead Stylist for the jewelry company Stella & Dot. Though it is direct sales, and very different than promotions, it has strengthened my selling ability overall.



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Auditing

    I have had the role of auditor since 2006. I have audited many movie theaters, department stores, and mall kiosks. Over the past couple of years, as I have gotten more Field Manager positions, I have been auditing the brand ambassadors on my team.

  • Bar Promotions

    I have been a part of a handful of bar promotions. In 2006-2009, I managed marketing for a biker bar in CT, and coordinated bar promotions during our "theme nights". I then worked as a shot girl for about a year for Jagermeister. I have done a few bar promotions here and there since then.

  • Costume and Character

    In the Fall of 2007 I played the role of a Barbie Princess for a Matel Promotion. I had to wear a princess costume and stand next to a Castle scene in a Walmart. Little girls donated their gently used Barbies, took their picture with me, and I gave them a goodie-bag. I have not had the opportunity since then to play another character, but I am interested in doing so again.

  • Event Management

    I have started to manage events for about a year. For my recent and longest running event as field manager, I worked for Converted Organics. I managed events at a variety of CT Home Depots on Saturdays and Sundays for over two months.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    I have had the opportunity to be a greeter/hostess for a few events over the past couple of years. I have done check-in at weekend conferences at hotels, and have been a greeter at a convention center.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    I have done numerous health and beauty demos for Dove, L'Oreal, Axe, and Pantene.

  • In Store Demonstrator

    I have done a handful of In Store product demonstrations. My two longest running jobs have been for Keurig and Tassimo. I have done over 40 events for each company over the past five years. I have never had an event where I haven't sold a machine, and on my best day I sold 17 coffee makers plus supplies.

  • Merchandising

    I have been merchandising on and off for a couple of years. I work in mall department stores (Macy's, etc.) and Kohl's. I do undergarments, sunglasses, shoes, and luggage. I merchandise these products about once a month.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    I use a Plan O Gram when I merchandise undergarments and sunglasses. . I merchandise for Tommy Hilfiger bras/underwear and numerous brands of sunglasses, in mall department stores.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I started Mystery Shopping in 2003. I shopped mostly fast food restaurants for two years and then started to get jobs involving sit-down restaurants. I have shopped almost all major restaurant chains in Connecticut. I have also been mystery shopping bars for the past two years.

  • Sampling

    I have done many different samplings in both supermarkets and malls. Brands include Kashi, Sargento, Dove, Hersey, Tassimo, Keurig, and Nescafe.

  • Acting

    Though I do not have much acting experience myself, besides in high school, I presently Direct 5th and 6th grade musicals throughout the year.

  • Bar Tender

    I tended bar on and off for two years at a small biker bar.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I have basic computer skills including word, excel, etc.

  • Driving License

    I have had my license for 12 years.

  • First Aid Certificate

    I am CPR Certified.

  • Own Car

    I own a very reliable, 2008 Volkswagen Beetle.

  • Wait Staff

    I have been a waitress for about 12 years. I started as a server for banquets/weddings. I have worked in many different venues, from breakfast diners, to upscale restaurants, to biker bars. I presently work for a small-town pizza restaurant on and off.

  • Qualifications

    BA in Psychology


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