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    Rita Campbell,


    Applause to SFS! Love the freedom to design a schedule that allows me time for other pursuits.I share the SFS link that I always liken to a Raiders of the Lost Ark more.

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    Stevie Walters,

    MD, Models Plus London Ltd (UK)

    I felt I must write to express my thanks to StuckForStaff's job advert management system. I was finding difficult staffing an Ambre Solaire Campaign around the UK. The criteria more.

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Experience Summary

I am easy going, loyal, and I love to meet new people and make new friends. I have red hair, and the witty, unique personality that comes along with it! I can talk to just about anyone, and I enjoy making people laugh. I like to listen to almost every kind of music and I am a huge sports fan. And quite knowledgeable too about my teams! I have a ton of self-confidence, I can be a self-starter or a team player, and know I would be awesome at any promotion. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I feel I could be beneficial to this agency from previous experiences. Having held a job since I was fourteen years old at various places gives me versatility. Meeting new people is something I enjoy and I easily adjust to new environments. I am a self-starter and a very quick learner. I have redhair and the personality to match it! I can talk to anyone, and I like making people laugh. Besides hanging out with my friends, I love sports and music. I have a ton of confidence and would be great at any promotion!



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Bar Promotions

    I engage customers in conversation while promoting a new beverage, handing out samples, talking about the product and using giveaways to entice and interest potential buyers.

  • Brand Ambassador

    I promoted a few different products, most recently being GoodBelly, informing customers about the product, giving away coupons and samples, and convincing the customers to buy the product.

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    I worked at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheater, promoting a new drink to concert go-ers and engaging potential customers in activities such as bag toss, golf putting, etc.

  • Costume and Character

    I worked a childrens' amusement park, and sometimes was required to be a character on specialty days. Also, I have dressed in costumes for various liquor brands either representing their mascot or wearing a costume for the nearest holiday, such as mardi gras, halloween, cinco de mayo, st. patrick's day, etc.

  • Demonstration

    All the products I represent, I demonstrate how to use them or what to use them with, and who this product is most relevant to.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    At the IMTS Fair at the McCormick Place, I greeted guests and handed them daily information fliers, as well as directing guests where to go and answering questions they mat have had.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    I have done several health demonstrations, I just graduated college with a degree in Exercise Science, and worked plenty of health and wellness fairs demonstrating different products and techniques.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    I have both participated in and administered surveys.

  • Modelling

    I have done some modeling, including costumes, product representation, and just a friendly smile to engage consumers to approach demo table.

  • Sales

    I worked as a sales representative in two different job environments.

  • Sampling

    I have done beer, wine, and spirit tastings at bars, restaurants, stores, concerts, trade shows, sports events, and festivals.

  • Set Up / Labor

    I have done set-up and take-downs for countless events for promotional events and at the park district I was employed by for several years.

  • Technology

    As a customer service representative, I worked on a computer daily.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    I worked at the IMTS Fair as a greeter.

  • Bar Tender

    I have been to bartending school, and also worked as one!

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I have worked in a park district and a school district, and I am very confident working with both PCs and MACs

  • Driving License

    I have had my drivers license for almost 10 years.

  • First Aid Certificate

    I have been first aid and CPR certified for 5 years.

  • Own Car

    I love my 2012 Honda Fit!

  • Public Speaking

    I've taken college courses, and I love talking to people.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I do this in the forest preserve by my house for exercise in the summer!

  • Qualifications

    I have a B.S. in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. I've had numerous jobs that have prepared me for almost anything. I attend the seminars offered by my main promotional company to learn more about branding, advertising, and promoting.


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