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    Louise China,

    Beauty Consultants Bureau (UK)

    Amazed at the results!!

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    Helen Dodwell,

    Staffing Manager for Sense (UK)

    Our database consists of over 2,500 staff but we still use SFS on a day-to-day basis. The last minute availability feature is great and accurate, saving us so much time and more.

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Let me know what else you need me to tell you. I'm pretty attractive, personable and people want to talk to me. I get the job done. I don't cancel last minute. I show up and I'm prompt. Let me know how I can help you.


Other Skills

I can help out a lot w/ web 2.0... I do need to get out there though @ night and hustle again. I miss the interactions.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Auditing

    I worked w/ GM/Pontiac for a few events in Newport and Providence RI during name gen events @ sporting events and festivals

  • Brand Ambassador

    I had to write reports about other reps

  • Chef

    Most recent: AAHOA DC 09, Hotel Motel Restaurant Myrtle 09, NEMBC 06, 07, Conn Mortgage Bankers Conferences 06, 07, Providence Car Show 05, 06

  • Costume and Character

    The company I work for has a credit card machine w/ Merchant Services and we use it @ shows/festivals

  • Data Capture

    Name gen leads @ GM promotions

  • Demonstration

    Polar Buddy demo's 2009. A fabric that you wet, wring and snap and it's 30 degrees cooler than ambient temperature within 3 minutes. Also, Nikon Live events @ Comcast and the Nikon laptop on my stomach for the wifi systems

  • Event Management

    Ricola/Boston I split off a team so we could successfully penetrate the Washington St/Downtown Crossing area

  • Exhibitions

    Trade show stuff: Sold locks to hotels @ an exhibit hall

  • Flyering

    Did a lot of liquor promos in my day

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    @ a restaurant growing up & a new catering company catering an event @ Brown University

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    Tag body spray. Try wearing that guys stuff for 6 hours a day :-p

  • Hospitality

    I sell to the hospitality business now: bed bug covers. Went to AAHOA 09 in DC (Asian American Hotel Owners Association) and the Hotel/Motel/Restaurant Supply Chain Show in Myrtle 09.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Nikon was @ a few malls. Mostly Best Buy, Circuit City but every once in a while we'd get a Ritz Camera

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    I do merchandising every day @ my current job but I do like to help w/ ideas every once in a while. I have been calling upon a few older companies to see if I can help w/ their marketing. love it. Have everything Adobe.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I've posed for some print work. Nothing special.

  • Presenting

    Same thing w/ auditing. I did a little of this that I found online. Got to eat dinner for free a few times!

  • Sales

    Same thing w/ Tradeshows.. we follow sometimes

  • Sampling

    I've been in sales for about 8 years. Sold everything from financial services to mortgage closings, hair products to salons, IT services, locks to hotels, bed bug covers, this textile, wood grilling planks, brake pads.. you name it, I've sold it.

  • Security

    Sampled liquors: Stoli, Smirnoff, Jack, Jose. Beers: Miller, Coors, Bass, Becks, Stella, Narragansett, Sam Adams, Harpoon, Rolling Rock, Killian's. Various wines

  • Set Up / Labor

    I do presentations a few times monthly to prospective clients here.

  • Technology

    I did an event @ Gillette for the Rugby club @ my college to fundraise :)

  • Tour Manager

    I sold IT services and I think of myself as pretty proactive online.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Dressed up as a teletubby sort of thing for Nikon

  • Bar Tender

    Took a bartending course a few years ago and doesn't take much to get re-TIPS certified.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    very proficient w/ Windows-based applications and was very proficient w/ my Mac until I broke it two years ago :-x

  • Driving License


  • Poker / Blackjack Dealer

    Took comm in college. Had to deal w/ this class but I think my debate class helped much more than the public speaking one did...

  • Qualifications

    I went to Apponequet HS in Lakeville, MA and Rhode Island College in Providence, RI. Took Media studies.


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