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    Katrina Harris,


    I've been using SFS for 2 years. I enjoy getting more.

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    Lucy Smith,

    AB1 Promotions (UK)

    We were struggling to fill gaps the day before a very big job for us as a company; in fact, it was the largest job we had ever done. The response we got from the StuckForStaff job more.

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Experience Summary

Since graduating from the University of Minnesota, with a BA in Marketing and Media/Cultural Studies (and an emphasis in Spanish), I've worked a variety of temporary jobs including: event marketing/promotions, waitressing, home restoration construction sales. I'm very business-minded as well as creative and I aspire to work in sales or the marketing or management realm of business, and hopefully start my own business someday (likely involved with film and/or fashion)...And I also plan to use my marketing/sales skill in another industry someday: acting/entertainment. For over 7 years I've worked in the promotions industry. I've done everything from guerrilla marketing, event/experiential marketing, demonstrations, promotions, brand modeling, etc- all event marketing of the same thing, same purpose (getting customers to become loyal to a brand!), but with a different execution or place. I've managed events for Boost Mobile, Microsoft Live Search, Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink, Saturn, Toyota Scion, Jungle Red Salon, FloTV... I've been a brand model/ambassador for American Apparel, Pioneer Electronics, Pepsi, Ketel One, Bailey's, Dove, State Farm Insurance, GMC, Lego, Wii Fit and Sports Resort, PGA tour and Women's Open for American Express, DreamBuilder's, among many others. Most recently, I was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for about 6 months, working as a sales rep for a home restoration construction company. I learned a ton about sales- everything from door to door knocking and contract management to client follow-up. I've also worked for an entrepreneurial start up, family owned company, Paragon Pool and Spa, where I learned crucial components of this type of venture. For one senior project, my group and I started a website called Utern's (University Internships), where I was in charge of the marketing aspects and contacting colleges, companies, students to post prospective jobs on the site. I love doing anything active- running, fourwheeling, dancing!, coordinating parties/leading events or activities, traveling, speaking other languages, meeting new people/of new cultures, helping my dad make hay at our family farm. I also love doing anything creative- like acting, drawing, listening to music/going to concerts. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience



Other Skills

Spanish language!


First language: 

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    event promotions- various brands

  • Auditing

    event promotions

  • Bar Promotions

    multiple liquor brands= Diageo portfolio

  • Brand Ambassador

    7 years!

  • Chef

    for a family I cleaned house and babysat and cooked for

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    many! PGA, Twin's games, etc

  • Costume and Character


  • Data Capture

    Boost Mobile- took pics of 14 zip codes where graphic decals were stuck on ground Data capture at all independent events or events I've managed

  • Demonstration

    Handheld devices at PGA tour, hosted by AmEx Verizon Wireless/ Window's HTC cell phones

  • Event Management

    FloTV- MOA, event marketing (managed about 15 employees) Saturn- Southdale Mall- event marketing (managed 4 employees) Boost Mobile- event mktg (managed 2) DirecTV- event mktg (managed 2)

  • Flyering

    Windows Live Search, Jungle Red Salon, volunteer theater performance flyering, SportsClips, etc

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    USAA members events, TE talent search events, etc

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    Dove, Axe, Borgese makeup, etc

  • In Store Demonstrator

    too many brands!

  • Mall Events


  • Market Research / Surveys


  • Merchandising


  • Modelling

    American Apparel

  • Mystery Shopping


  • Presenting

    FloTV, stage/mic exp

  • Roadshows

    yes, at Sam's club and state fairs

  • Sales

    yes! Home Restoration Construction Sales

  • Sampling

    YES! 6 years

  • Set Up / Labor

    yes, saturn and verizon wireless among others

  • Technology

    yes, flotv, verizon, pga tour

  • Tour Manager

    yes, saturn, FloTV

  • Tradeshows / Conferences


  • Acting

    Commercial Contests, short films/independent films/student films, 50/50 reel challenge

  • Bar Tender

    in Spain on a study abroad

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Office applications, powerpoint/word/quickbooks/exel

  • Dancer

    15 years tap, jazz, ballet

  • Driving License

    yes- MN

  • Food Service Certification

    yes- done at Costco

  • Hairstylist

    done for theater and film gigs

  • Make Up Artist


  • Own Car


  • Public Speaking


  • Roller Skating / Blading

    yep! and skateboarding

  • Wait Staff

    At a golf course, a restaurant, bars

  • Qualifications

    BA in Marketing and Media/Cultural Studies from University of Minnesota- Carlson School of Management and College of Liberal Arts


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