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    Charlotte Stephens,

    Engaging Faces (UK)

    StuckForStaff is an excellent facility and the tender service has opened up a wider range of promotional opportunities for us. We have been successful in winning various tenders more.

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    Stephanie Tullock,


    In the amount of time I have been on SFS I have been booked for several events. I have had nothing but great experiences through the site. I really recommend it to a lot of more.

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Experience Summary

I enjoy staying active. I play a lot of sports, I enjoy playing and watching Basketball,Football and Baseball. My hobbies include watching movies,traveling,sports and interacting with people. I recently completed a 8 month program I managed in the Dallas Ft.Worth area for a popular energy drink. The program in Dallas was very succesful and I am proud of my accomplishments. I have had many accomplishments in the work place the past 10 years in Marketing and Event Promotions. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

As Field Marketing Associate for Creative Labs for four years I was brand advocate at major electronics retailers in my 30-store territory and provided staffing for events and trade shows. The position was eliminated in 2007 in a reorganization. I have since worked in field marketing, merchandising, project staffing and event management on a series of special assignments, gaining a wide range of experience. On several assignments I was the team leader or location manager with oversight responsibilities.



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Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Im usually the event Manager and Have not worked as assitant but would not mind taking a position as a assitant.

  • Auditing

    I worked a American Express program in 2008 and 2010 where I was to audit placement of signage in store.

  • Bar Promotions

    I have worked for Miller Chill promoting the beer in local bars and clubs.

  • Brand Ambassador

    I have over 8 years experience as a ambassador and I have a large list of copmanies and clients I have succesfully worked for.

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    I have done numerous events at concerts and sporting Events. I have managed events at a local concert venue for Microsoft Zune. I have also managed recently a long term event for Verizon Fios and Wireless and a concert venue. I have done short term events at numerous sporting events.

  • Data Capture

    When merchandising for a company I use to work for. I would go into local retail stores and take note of the pricing and number of product on the shelf.

  • Event Management

    Every program I have managed had a staff of five or more on my team.

  • Exhibitions

    I have worked exhibits with my previous employer Creative Labs a numerous of times.

  • Flyering

    When I was in Marketing for Creative Labs for over 4 years. I would demonstrate at a local electronics store on weekends. I would have a demo computer setup and with other electronics that our company sold. I would demonstrate to customers and answer questions about any products we had in the store.

  • Hospitality

    I would be interested in any event that would be considered in this category

  • Mall Events

    I have passed out flyers for numerous of products. The most recent would be for movie releases or new bars opening in the area.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    I have done demonstrations in malls for the release of the Blackberry Pearl.

  • Merchandising

    In 2002 I worked for a period of time in the local mall as a Market Researcher. Paying shoppers to take surveys on certain topics.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    When I worked for Creative Labs for 4 years, part of our job description was to go into local electronic stores that carried our products and make sure shelves were stocked with our product and pricing was correct.

  • Modelling

    I had to setup displays with Creative Labs in local electronic stores and also make sure our product was setup correctly on the shelves.

  • Presenting

    When working with Creative Labs we had a Myster shopping program during the holidays. I was sent to stores not in my territory to check on the Sales team and make sure they were trained properly on our products.

  • Roadshows

    I have done many tradeshow setups before working a tradeshow. The biggest setup was at the Consumer Electronics Show we worked every January in Las Vegas. We had such a large booth space. We would arrive three days before the event and setup for those three days.

  • Sampling

    Most of my positions have included some sort of sales in the job description. My most recent would be when I worked a program for Blackberry. I was spending a lot of time in Wireless stores helping with the sales of Blackberry phones.

  • Security

    The last program I managed was a sampling program for Amp Energy drinks. We sampled the product at all of our events we worked.

  • Set Up / Labor

    I have done numerous trainings for Creative labs a few times a month. I would train the store employees on new products that came out and different selling points to sell the product.

  • Tour Manager

    With my previous employer of 4 years I was sent on the road to manage tours for different clients.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    I worked in the Marketing Department for a Electronics company for over 4 years. We worked a lot of big tradeshows across the United States. One of the well known Tradeshows was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January. I was in charge of demonstrating a certain product to the Buyers and tradeshow atendees.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    I am very tech savy. I am proficent in Excel,Microsoft Word.

  • Own Car

    Yes I own a car and have valid car insurance.

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