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    Oliver Smith,


    I have once again joined SFS and within a few hours of recreating my profile, the job offers started flooding in again. I love travelling round, engaging customers with new more.

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    Suzzane Hiscutt,


    I was recommended to join SFS, so I decided to subscribe and saw a vacancy which was exactly what I was looking for. This was the first and only job I applied to and was offered a more.

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Hey I'm brittany and I've been working promotional events for 5 yrs, I love meeting new people and working with the public! I also have 10 yrs experience in sales/retail. I'm very outgoing, reliable and friendly. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I have 10 yrs of retail and sales experience and I love working with others.



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Bar Promotions

    Lotus Energy Drink-Lotus Forever (05/2011) Patron XO CAFÉ-SPEAKeasy Marketing (03/2010) Spice & Ice-Convention Models & Talent, Inc (02/2011)

  • Brand Ambassador

    Principal Financial Dreams-Silhouettes, Inc. (07/2011) Bridgestone Tires-Push Models (06/2011) Cartoon Network Move it Movement-360 Events & Promotions (08/2010) Shell Grocer Rewards Program-Fusion Event Staffing (07/2010-08/2010) Common Cents-Massive Media, Inc (06/2010)

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    Dodge Ram-Across The Nation (11/2011) Golf Tournament-Push Models (10/2011) Elizabeth Arden-Adelante Live, Inc. (07/2011) Virgin Mobile-Eye-5 marketing & talent, Inc (04/2011) Photo Activation by Country Financial-Triple Point Interactions (04/2011) Kumho-Lynne C & Company (03/2011) NASCAR Nationwide Insurance-Silhouettes, Inc (04/2009, 04/2010, 06/2010, 07/2011)

  • Costume and Character

    Kellogg's Frosted Flakes-Team Marketing USA (04/2010, 07/2011) Fairy Wings & Pirate Things-Reckoning Force Talent (11/2011) Cartoon Network Ben 10-Triple Point Interactions (08/2010) Energizer-GT events, Inc (06/2010)

  • Data Capture

    All-American Bowl-Eventpro Strategies (11/2011)

  • Demonstration

    Adult Chocolate Milk-Sweet Deal (02/2012)

  • Event Management

    Class Watch-Team Marketing USA (10/2011) All-American Bowl-Eventpro Strategies (11/2011)

  • Flyering

    Nursing Program-Local Flyer Distribution service (09/2011) Limelight Entertainment-Titan's preseason game (09/2010) Strikeforce MMA Distributor-Attack! Marketing (03/2010) Quiznos-Ambient Planet (05/2010)

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Dolce Gusto-Productions Plus (11/2011-12/2011) ESPRO Sports Cleaner-Triple Point Interactions (11/2011) Breast Cancer Awareness-Triple Point Interactions (10/2011) Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails-The Hive, Inc. (05/2011)

  • Mall Events

    Dove Body Fresh-Ocean Model Group (12/2008)

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Tea Party Political Rally Book Tour-Capitol Models (04/2010)

  • Modelling

    MMA Ring Girl-Dickson MMA (05/2010) MMA Ring Girl-Moody's MMA (04/2009) Wrestling Valet-Showtime All-Star Wrestling (05/2009) Rusk Hair Show (03/2010)

  • Roadshows

    Immaculate Baking-Triple Point Interactions (10/2011) Top Chef-Eye-5 marketing & talent, Inc (04/2011) Remington-Across The Nation (12/2010) GE GeoSpring Tour-Across The Nation (04/2010)

  • Sales

    Metal Rescue-ARMOR Protective Packaging (05/2010) Hooter’s Girl (02/2006) Bikini Bike Wash-HDP Motorcycle Shop (05/2009)

  • Sampling

    Refuel with Chocolate Milk-Synergy Events (07/2011) Trident Vitality-Method Models (06/2011) Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails-The Hive, Inc. (05/2011) Bush's Baked Beans-Forte Promotions (08/2010) Mello Yello-Action Events and Promotions (08/2010) Macanudo-Encore Nationwide (06/2010) USA Gold Tobacco-BNA Talent (04/2010) Coke Zero-RedLine Staffing (02/2010)

  • Set Up / Labor

    HRC Whistle Stop-Fusion Event Staffing (10/2011)

  • Technology

    Allstate-Productions Plus (11/2010, 01/2012) Microsoft Windows-Aspen Marketing (11/2010-12/2010) Microsoft Windows-GT events, Inc (12/2011) Samsung Infuse 4G-Ascent (08/2011) Samsung Summer Krush-GC Marketing (07/2011)

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Nissan-Leaddog Marketing (04/2011) Tecate Liquor Tradeshow-Dawn Rochelle (03/2010) WhiteScience Teeth Whitening-Southern Women's Trade Show (04/2010)

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    I have 4 yrs experience working with computers (data entry, microsoft word)

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I have 4 yrs experience working with computers (data entry, microsoft word)

  • Driving License

    I have a valid drivers license

  • Own Car

    I own my own car

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I love roller blading

  • Wait Staff

    I have experience as a waitress

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