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    Stephanie Phan,

    Business Development Manager, VeeV Spirits

    We have had a great response from the RFP so far in terms of the number of proposals we have received. Thank you, StuckForStaff!

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    Marie Coe,


    Thanks to SFS I am doing the job I LOVE. I have been a member for years and have gained lots of great work, as well as built up fantastic relationships with agencies. By always more.

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Experience Summary

Graduate from USC in Marketing and Promotions. I graduated as a Business scholar with honors in May 2008. I am an actor, promotional model, bartender, and filmmaker. I have been working in the film, food/beverage, and modeling industries for seven to ten years and have been doing promotional work for five. I have experience as a stage manager for theatre and commercial, film, TV, and an extensive stage background. I love having fun, being active, eating right, sports, the outdoors, any sort of travel/adventure, watching good movies, and my work! My goal is for one day my art (acting, modeling, and film) to become a full time profession! View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Acting, bartending, catering, and marketing brands. Also started a business with vending machines when I was growing up that gave me funds to pursue my art (acting/film/modeling). Worked for countless private / corporate events and parties as labor, bar, waiter, model, brand talent, etc.


Other Skills

Smart, self driven, and a fantastic problem solver. Work well within a team, and have an outgoing extroverted personality to help attract traffic to an event, and stimulate interest in the brand / promotion. I am tons of fun but extremely dedicated to the needs of the brand, and have a very high work ethic! Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Friendly, approachable, and always smiling!


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Chef

    Worked several. Brand Model for Nintendo @ Long Beach Comic Con October 2nd-4th, 2009. Also have done work for Microsoft at the LA Convention Center, and the Emmy's there are well. Representing the company and catering to the needs of the guests. LA Auto Show @ LA Convention Center as Model talent.

  • Costume and Character

    Have extensive credit card experience both with a manual machine that grafts the image of the card onto a carbon copy sheet, and an electronic machine that sends and transmits the actual credit / purchase information. I have sold product on the event, for Bud Light Wheat Beer as a brand model @ Sam's Club October 17th, 2009, and selling drinks for events when it involves an alcohol brand for example.

  • Demonstration

    Brand Modeled for "The Scene Tour" for the Northridge Mall August 1st, 2009. Included demonstrating several products, from the new Kodak video camera, to an interactive Rockband video game. Also did demos for the Nintendo branded products at the Long Beach Comic Con on Oct. 2-4th. Showed consumers how to play unreleased game titles and how to use the system. Demonstrated a new "scratch it product" for Warner Brothers records on October 20th, 2009.

  • Exhibitions

    Worked for Nike's "Lebron James: More Than A Game" event on Sept.24-26 and 28-30. There was a celebrity basketball tournament with celebrity participants, and they were exhibiting basketball memorabilia, Nike branded LBJ shoes, and Lebron James' new basketball documentary about his journey from Akron to stardom. Other booths exhibited EA Games products, shoe shine, a giveaway and prizes area (basketballs, hats, shirts, etc), a snack sampling area, a networking lounge, and a basketball court where local players played exhibition matches.

  • Flyering

    Ran a promotion inside Sam's Club for Bud Light Wheat Beer October 17th, 2009. Distributed branded brochures regarding the new drink, and set up a display table to relay key points of the sampling. Sold 24 packs of the product on site.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Greeted guests the first day of the Nintendo event, October 2nd, 2009 in Long Beach. Stood near the entrance and was approachable, friendly, and warm to guests to attract traffic to the event and explain the gaming experience to new and core gamers. Stimulated interest in the brand and gave consumer a warm greeting and information regarding the event.

  • Hospitality

    For the Amp Energy promotion @ Fontana Auto Speedway October 11th, 2009, held a competition for Pepsi hospitality guests to change a race car tire in the fastest amount of time. Attended to the needs of Pepsi corporate executives and promoted the goals of the brand. October 14-16th catered to the needs of International toy buyers present to make their fall purchases from Matel. Buyers making leveraged buys for their country / region of origin to dictate toy distribution and what goes into manufacturing.

  • Mall Events

    Flier promotion in Santa Monica May 2009 to raise awareness for a home owner's auction for local properties. Fliers designed to increase awareness of the auction and therefore increase home auction prices.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Worked at the Northridge Mall for "The Scene Tour" on August 1st. Sold memberships to the mall club (discounts and promotions), ran the Kodak / Sobe "So You Think You Can Dance"" booth, distributed samples of Sobe, and demonstrated the Rockband game on stage in the center of the mall for consumers to play.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    Bud Light Wheat Beer, October 17th, 2009. Created a promotion and marketing around a PoS: design, creation, and promotion to sell onsite product both for the brand and the Sam's Club. Used poster paper branded with a Bud Light Wheat image wrapped around a table to make a nice light image. Complements the taste and positioning of the brand in the market. Created a display on the table for sampling, and product cases positioned attractively behind the table for consumer purchase.

  • Sampling

    Sold GC Marketing memberships @ the Northridge Mall for "The Scene Tour" August 1st 2009, and sold Bud Light Wheat Beer @ the Sam's Club in Fountain Valley on October 17th. Brand model. Also have sold drinks, and other items for bar promotions, and have extensive non brand model sales experience, at a film production company pitching ideas and signing clients, at an agency, selling platinum accts for the bank I worked for (and loans) and selling cutlery for a national firm a few years back.

  • Security

    Sampled Emergen-C new product at a promotion on the Malibu pier March 2009, and for Bud Light Wheat on October 17th, 2009. Handing out samples to over 21 individuals. Also sampled Vitamin Water for guests at Nike's 'Lebron James, More Than A Game" event. Handed out Hair gel samples for LA Look Promotion while hair styled to look like "Astro Boy."

  • Set Up / Labor

    Created a power point presentation to present information regarding new online distribution and future growth opportunities for the Netflix brand May 2008 to a Senior class @ USC. Also have done presentations for Wal-Mart regarding growth opportunities, Ipod about positioning, marketing research, and methods to increase market saturation, the Jet Blue business model, and Zara's "Fast Fashion" model to name a few.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    LA Looks Promotion in Huntington Beach, CA an Orange, CA 10/24 and 10/25 as "Astro Boy" to show the styling effects of the hair gel that was being sampled.

  • Acting

    Acting for 3 years. Done commercial, film, TV, lead in a short film, theatre, and stage manage a theatre scene study class in Los Feliz. Lots of stage experience.

  • Bar Tender

    Bartending for four years. As a bartender, done promotions for Bud Light Select, Hennesy, Maxim Magazine, Coors Light, Emergen-C, Belvedere, Tommy Bahama Rum, Fuze, Red Bull, and others. Alcohol promotion specialty.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Software, hardware, web, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Final Draft, Mac/PC knowledge.

  • Driving License

    10 years driving experience. Clean driving record.

  • Own Car

    Own my own transportation. 2000 Toyota Celica. A well taken care of and reliable car.

  • Wait Staff

    5 years in the restaurant biz, catering and bar

  • Qualifications

    BS in Marketing and Promotions from USC. Business scholar with honors.


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