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    Karen Brown,

    Recruitment Manager for Mitchell Stephenson (UK)

    I certainly feel the central ratings system on SFS has improved staff performance within the industry. I would never book a staff member before viewing their national ratings and more.

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    Rita Campbell,


    Applause to SFS! Love the freedom to design a schedule that allows me time for other pursuits.I share the SFS link that I always liken to a Raiders of the Lost Ark more.

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Experience Summary

Hi, I started working promotions in November of 2009 after moving from California to Denver and needing to find some income. I've found that I really enjoy working promotions. Everything about it just fits me like a glove. So, I'm going to keep on doing it. A little about me- I'm very reliable, punctual and great with the public. I'm able to maintain a positive attitude and I love how fun promotions can be. I can work independently or with a group quite well. In addition to promotions, I'm also a part time freelance photographer. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you. Have a great day! View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I believe that all of the jobs that I have ever had relate to sales & customer service. Whether it be a hostess position in high school or as a brand ambassador and freelance photographer today.


Other Skills

I'm a very hard working individual, I'm punctual, very reliable and I constantly learn from each job that I take on. In addition, I really feel out of all the things I've ever done, I'm great at promotions. I actually started a group to go out and have fun in Denver on which has helped me develop amazing organizational skills and time management skills. My freelance photography business has helped me develop additional selling skills, people skills and much more.


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Extra Information

  • Auditing

    I was able to do an audit for Rebel Promotional Models at a grocery store in the Denver Area. I took photographs of the merchandise, counted inventory and acquired the appropriate signature from management. I was able to do this in a timely fashion and mail in the required forms to the company.

  • Bar Promotions

    On Saint Patrick's day of 2010, I went to different bars in the Denver area with a team to promote DUI awareness. We handed out necklaces and chocolates while trying to make sure people had a designated driver. We also tried to make them aware of how much a DUI costs ($10,270 in the long run) and to let them know that police patrols were going to be heavy until 2am. I believe that many were happy to hear the message and took our visit very well.

  • Brand Ambassador

    I've worked as a brand ambassador for products such as Halls, Robitussin, Axe, Dove, Kroger Mirra Beauty Products, Excel Energy, New Amsterdam Gin, Focus Factor Health Supplements and Nestle so far. Tasks have included: handing out flyers, samples, merchandise of some sort, coupons, having the public sign up for events, and informing the public about the product.

  • Event Management

    I'm currently working as a field manager for Wegman's soda & tea promotions for the next couple of months around VA.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    When I was in high school, I worked as a greater/hostess for Las Panchitas, a Mexican restaurant, in Citrus Heights, California for about six months. Tasks included: greeting/seating guests, delivering complimentary refreshments, bussing tables and helping wherever needed.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    I did a promotion for Kroger Mirra Beauty Products in the grocery stores in Denver. Products included: facial creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc. I was able to inform the public about the product, hand out coupons and try to make sales. The product seemed to appeal quite well to the public and the coupon helped sales tremendously. A very successful promotion.

  • Hospitality

    Again, in high school, I worked for a sandwich shop (TOGOS) in Roseville, California for about a year as a shift leader and sandwich maker. My job included: training, supervising others, food preparation, cashiering, sandwich making and customer satisfaction.

  • Merchandising

    From November of 2006 to September of 2007, I worked at a Keepsakes Bridal in Citrus Heights, California as a Bridal Consultant. My job included: assisting brides, cashiering, sales, phones, pricing merchandise as it would come in, placement of merchandise on the floor and maintenance of floor displays.

  • Sales

    With every job I take on as a Brand ambassador, ultimately the goal is to inform the public about the product to increase the sale of a product. I feel that my outgoing personality, easy going demeanor and my positive attitude help to do this. While working at Keepsakes Bridal, sales played a big part of the job. As soon a bride walked in, the goal was to sell her a dress. I worked in sales at The Picture People in Sacramento, California from September of 2008 to February of 2009. We did telemarketing over the phone to increase sales, handed out coupons in the mall to customers that would come in on the spot to have their pictures taken and promoted the sale of photo packages.

  • Sampling

    Recently, while working for Nestle at Denver's Cinco De Mayo festival, I passed out samples for Nestle's reduced fat chocolate milk (which is very good by the way). The product was a definite hit.

  • Acting

    I've taken two acting classes at the California State University of Sacramento although I have not used it professionally.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I use a computer every day at least twice a day. I also worked for an insurance company for almost 6 years and had constant use at that point. So, I get around on it pretty well.

  • Driving License

    Yes, I have one of these.

  • Own Car

    Yes, I have my own transportation (2 vehicles actually).

  • Public Speaking

    I took a public speaking course at a community college (American River College) in California although I have not used it professionally.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I use to roller skate/ roller blade & probably could if I needed to. It's just been a while- I do not have my own skates.

  • Qualifications

    2006-2008 California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA • B.A., Photography. • GPA: 3.43 2002-2006 American River College Sacramento, CA • A.A., Family and Consumer Science. I've taken two acting classes from the California State University of Sacramento. I've also taken a Marketing 101 class from the same institution. A few years ago I was signed up with John Robert Powers and completed a course in runway although I've never used it professionally.


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