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    Kommando (UK)

    Great success. Extremely worthwhile using

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    Tessa Henwood,

    Sheffield City Council (UK)

    StuckForStaff were great. When I called I received excellent customer service and I receievd 4 quotes within an hour. I had staff booked to do the work I required within a day, more.

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Experience Summary

I'm a real animal lover and do pet sitting in my spare time as well as volunteering at a shelter. People say I'm very easy to get along with. I'm on the thin side, and a vegetarian but I don't try to tell other people what they should or shouldn't eat. I have a daughter and three grandkids- all boys- they're the best! I like busy demos, preferring those involving cooking, or demoing several products to just handing out papers.(though, of course, I do that too) Enjoy audiobooks and all books. Music makes me happy as does summer and the beach. Movies are always fun- especially scary ones. I love to fly! View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I've worked in customer refunds for a major airline and clerk/reception for an electric utility as well as part time as a doctor's receptionist. So I'm used to making people comfortable communicating with me. I've recently taken a class through the community called "Start Your Business", which has taught me alot about demographics, surveys, sales.


Other Skills

I like to cook. I recently completed a business class which taught me alot about sales, demographics, dealing with the public, and so much more. Volunteered- political campaign- phones and survey. I have alot of "people skills". (See resume)


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Brand Ambassador

    AS part of Health, Wellness program

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    concert- Allentown Fair

  • Costume and Character

    Black Belt Karate Master- sales for karate lessons in NYC

  • Demonstration

    Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor, Fiskars, Autowrench, Bratz dolls, other dolls and toys, Tassimo and other beverage makers

  • Flyering

    For a hearing aid dealer in Allentown

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Greet as receptionist for doctor's office

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    Slim Fast, Atkins, Celsius calory burning drinks, Elations, Fiber drinks, Revlon make up, Garnier hair products, Dove Beauty products, Johnson and Johnson Clean and Clear, Neutrogena products, Axe products for men, Anti-aging products(for women and also for men, ,eye make up(mascara) and anti-aging eye products,, anti-aging facial cleaning wipes, Bayer aspirin, Tums, Lysterine Whitening strips, Colgate toothpaste, mouthwash, single serve fiber drink packs, Health and Wellness, Ensure, Aqua Fresh White Trays, fragrances, Vaseline total moisture, vitamins, Tums quick packs, Listerine kid's mouthwash, Purell, others

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Glad bags, food wraps, battery op. freeze bag system. bras for dept. store, Christmas(gift) concierge, dog and cat foods, laundry detergents including new Purex all in one sheets, Mr. Clean Magic eraser, Wd-40, several stain removers, Glade plug-ins, Huggies products, battery op. candles, auto products, many more

  • Market Research / Surveys

    While volunteering for a political campaign and also as part of a class assignment

  • Merchandising

    displaying rebate signs

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    2x Giant store as part of team

  • Modelling

    As promotional model

  • Mystery Shopping

    McDonalds and Pet Store chain

  • Sampling

    Coke, Godiva Chocolates, Hershey Chocolates, Mars Candies, Flat Earth Crisps, Dr. Outker's Pizza, Canada Dry, Lipton Green Teas, El Monterey Tornados, Grocery's deli meats and cheese, organic soup, Store deli's soups, Grocery's bakery breads, Dove chocolates, Morningstar Farms products, various brand fruit drinks, Kellog's cereals, Store-brand cereals, other cereal brands, Flat bread melts, Pizza bites, Boersen cheese, Cabot cheese, yogurts, pkgd. salads, dressings and olive oil, fruit candies, Yoplait smoothies, chewing gums, crackers, Sara Lee bread and pie, pastas, rice, bowls, vegetables, so many more

  • Security

    As part of job for fair

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    General- web, email, word

  • Driving License

    current Pa.

  • First Aid Certificate

    My pet first aid and CPR is current but need recert. for my "people" cert.

  • Food Service Certification

    Yes, through 2 different demo agencies

  • Own Car


  • Qualifications

    High School Diploma, Allentown Business School(typing), Cpr and First Aid Safety, Literacy volunteer, Start Your Business- government Center, volunteer work in political campaign in survey work and phones. References on request.


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