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    Tim Orpen,

    Headcount (UK)

    We were struggling to find actors to dress up in costume for a road show event running over the summer. We placed an advert with StuckForStaff detailing the dates and locations we more.

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    Clare Saunders,


    StuckForStaff has helped me so much, I no longer have to call lots of agencies to let them know my free dates, I simply update my availability on here! It has made my life so much more.

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Experience Summary

To Whom This May Concern, How do you do sir/madam? My name is Kerrin "Shawn" Fergusson, 24, and I am a freelance aspiring model, actor and writer. As an independent contractor who has represented & worked with small business franchises and Fortune 500 companies, I have gain experience in direct customer service with the public and corporate representatives as a promotional specialist. My resume describes the duties I quickly transition into and references for you to contact upon request. My personal skills are focused multi tasking and computer literacy in Word & Outlook and having a knack for anticipation in any field. I don't get discourage about anything since I'm a person eager to learn and conversationalist. I'm accustomed to working independently in unpredictable high pressure situations with no supervision as I have previous experience event management and promotional events in other states such as Connecticut and New York. With a demeanor of being cordial and simultaneously a rapporteur, business ends up being fun while maintaining its importance which it should be. I'm very creative and accustoming to solving situations rapidly even with the assistance of others. Online Comp Card View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Captain/Team Manager/Lead/Brand Ambassador, Trade Show Model/Exhibitor, Street Marketer, Bar Promoter, In-Store & Mobile Product Demonstrator, Tech-Savvy/Computer Specialist, Trained AdWalker/Certified Technician, Segway Rider, Costume Character, Event Staffer, Postering, Flyering, Greeter, Laborer/Set-Up & Break Down Specialist, Sampling, Distributing Giveaways, Raffling, Auditor/ Intercepting Surveyor, Marshaling & Ushering, Managing Staff/Brand Ambassadors & Promotional Events and Promotional Sales



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Auditing

    Team SRI (Sponsorship Research International) (June 19th & 20th 2010)

  • Bar Promotions

    Your Party Planning (Sept. 24th, Sept. 29th, Oct 2nd & Oct 7th 2009)

  • Brand Ambassador

    Victoria’s Secret (Sept. 16th 2008); Champion (January 22nd, 2009); T-Mobile (Mar. 27th – Apr. 3rd 2009); Comedy Central (Apr. 9th 2009); DUB Publishing Inc. (May 16th 2009); USA Today (Jun. 29th 2009 & June 11th 2010); Discovery Channel (Aug. 17th - 19th 2009); HBO (Sept. 17th - 19th 2009); Gatorade (Sept 20th 2009);

  • Costume and Character

    Pretzel Crisp (Apr. 15th 2009); Bakugan (Oct. 17th 2009); Jamba Juice (Nov. 4th, Nov. 14th, Nov. 21st & Nov. 27th 2009), Liberty Luxe Green (June 21st, 23rd & 235th 2010)

  • Event Management

    Team Lead - (July 24th, 2008); Team Lead - Crumb Bake Shop (Apr. 17th, 23rd & 25th 2009; in CT); Captain - Burger King (Jun. 27th 2009); amNY (Oct. 9th 2009)

  • Exhibitions

    Chanel Mobile Art (Oct. 19th – Nov. 9th 2008; 5 weeks); US Open/USTA (Aug. 28th - Sept. 13th 2009; 2 weeks)

  • Flyering (Sept. 16th 2009); PNC Bank (Sept. 22nd, Oct. 28th, Oct. 30th, Nov. 3rd, Nov. 4th, Nov. 11th, Nov.13th & Nov.15th 2009); AJ Wright (Sept. 24th - 26th); PUMA (Oct. 31st 2009); Modells (Nov. 4th & 5th 2009); Boost Mobile (Nov. 27th - Nov. 29th); DeLonghi (Nov. 28th, Dec. 5th, Dec.12th, Dec. 19 & Dec. 20th 2009); Coupon Cabin (Nov. 30th 2009)

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Settlement Housing Fund {Non Profit Organization} (Jun. 4th 2009)

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Verizon ( June 12th 2010)

  • Modelling

    Dial (July 21st 2009); Help Remedies (July 24th & Aug. 6th 2009)

  • Presenting

    "Whip It" Movie Screening (Sept. 26th 2009)

  • Sales

    Carnegie Hall Corporation (May 2nd & 3rd 2009)

  • Sampling

    Pollo Tropical (May 24th & 25th 2009); FRS (Free Radical Scavenger) (Nov. 17th - Nov. 20th 2009); Dole (May 29th 2010), Sensible Portions (June 27th & 29th 2010), Eight O'Clock Coffee ( June 28th 2010)

  • Set Up / Labor

    Gospel Music Channel (Jun. 24th 2009); GAP (Aug 20th 2009);

  • Technology

    Microsoft/ {Ad Walker} (Dec. 2nd 2009)

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Shustir (Oct. 21st 2009)

  • Acting

    Short Film, Extra Work

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)


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