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    Lorraine Constantine,


    StuckForStaff is my favorite website for looking for work. It is so concise and easy to use. As an independent Brand Ambassador the site allows me to interact with many more.

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    Sarah Boyes,


    I compare SFS to my Internet banking account. It’s easy to use, quick and very reliable; I would say that 50% of the work I get comes from SFS. I received a call out of the more.

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Experience Summary

I am 29 years old and have been doing promotions for over 7 years now. I have been a promotional model, brand ambassador, team lead,product specialist, assistant manager, Field Market Manager, and tour manager among other things. I always do a good job. I am on time and do what I am suppose to. I can take and give direction really well and get along with anyone. I am a very friendly person. I have my Bachelors of Science in Biology and my Bartending Certificate. When I am not doing promotions, I am a substitute teacher and a fitness instructor for children. I like to dance and travel a lot. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I am good with children and I love to dance. I have been doing both for many years. I am TIPS Certified and have my Bartending Certificate in Mixology. Also have my DOT medical card.


Other Skills

Have my DOT medical card for driving large vehicles.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Stride I assisted the manager with scheduling and keeping my eye on the team. Made sure everyone was doing there job handing out the right amount of Premiums every day. Also assist for AMP energy. Sometimes have to drive the AMP truck to places.

  • Auditing

    Scotch dilemma

  • Automotive

    Volkswagen,Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler group (Ram, Jeep, Fiat), Scion, Cadillac, etc.

  • Bar Promotions

    Bacardi, Grey Goose, Grand Marnier

  • Brand Ambassador

    If not a model or some type of management, I was considered a BA for all my events.

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    worked at many concerts (i.e. Lil Wayne, John Mayer, Dave Mathews, Vans Warped Tour, etc.) Sporting events at colleges and Universities. Done championships for soccer and field hockey.

  • Costume and Character

    The Geico Gecko at NASCAR

  • Data Capture

    I do data capture for many events.

  • Demonstration

    demonstrated how cell phones worked for US Cellular, and how the new Sonicare Tooth brushes worked. Also have done many tech promotions like Microsoft 7 and Windows 8.

  • Event Management

    Managed for multiple Saturn Promotions in the mall, convention centers, and at marine Marathon. Managed a Street Team handing out Samples to businesses for Pollo Campero. Managed all summer for Slurpee events over a few cities ( managed many different teams for different areas). Next year became the Field Market Manager of Slurpee in VA. Managed Medical Surveys, ME911, Stride College sampling, Cadillac, GMC auto show event, and Buick Ride n Drive, HBO True Blood screening, Premiere Protein, and Adidas World Cup Draw. Managed VA team for Pepsi Next for about a year. For SOBE around US colleges and Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Fl I was a tour manager.

  • Exhibitions

    Adidas to talk about the world cup, verizon for how sweet the sound choir competition, Ntelos door to door street team, sonicare flyers for Thanksgiving weekend specials, ME911 handing out info business to business to get kids to have ID cards, Cadillac brochures, GMC auto Show and Valentine Card giveaways, etc.

  • Flyering

    Hand out flyers for many of my events. example ntelos wireless door hangers and AMP Energy around college campuses.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Greeted guests for basically all promotions especially all car promotions like Volkswagen while entering DC United Stadium and Scion for Fort Eustis Basketball Tournament. Also for Sabra Hummus meeting, NASCAR Speed tv event, Verizon how sweet the sound at the Verizon center, Movie Premieres, US Army, Air Force, and Microsoft 7.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    Mary Kay, Premiere Nutrition, Motts, Childrens Health Fund.

  • Hospitality

    Showed clients to their seats for Sabra Hummus Meeting and Mary Kay event. Walked around with the new drinks that Starbucks could potentially come out with and handed them out to the big clients, etc.

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Stouffers, Pepsi Next, AMP Energy, ABC sampling, Starbucks, etc.

  • Mall Events

    Product specialist showing off Saturns In the mall. I did events for US Cellular, UR Vote Counts, What Not To Wear, Sonicare, Slurpee (for sneak peaks of new movies like the Terminator, Transformers 2, and others). Also Mary K and Microsoft 7 was done in a mall.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    I had to go to a medical office and get people to fill out surveys on the advertisements they saw while in the doctors office. Also done surveys for different car companies like chevrolet and Saturn and for Ur Vote Counts.

  • Merchandising

    -At Nascar for Toyota and Kyle Bush gear.

  • Modelling

    I have done modeling for NASCAR. I did Speed TV and ESPEN Direct TV. I am also an AMP Energy girl. Done modeling for multiple liquor brands as well.

  • Mystery Shopping

    -Bowling, Restaurants, store visits.

  • Presenting

    Many presentations in College while taking Public Speaking. I sometimes have to present while in a management position to my team. Sometimes my team consists up to 26 people. I did some presenting of Windows 8 and Skydrive for college students.

  • Roadshows

    -Vegas Sema Show with Hyundai, Buick/GMC,Verizon mobile Health Fund,etc.

  • Sales

    Yurbuds,multiple liquor brands, wine, Lolita Lempicka Perfume. Top sales for Full Throttle Riders Leather Seal at Sturgis Bike Rally (biggest bike rally in the world)

  • Sampling

    I have done sampling for things like Stouffers, Stride, Trident, Sabra Humus, Trojan, AMP Energy, Pepsi, SOBE, Starbucks, and different McCafe Drinks.

  • Security

    Warped tour for Trojan. Band signings

  • Set Up / Labor

    A lot of the events I do I have had to set up and break down especially when I am the team lead or manager. I have had to set up big tents and tables along with signs for things like The Summer of Slurpee Tour, SOBE,Army, Air Force, and NIKE. I had to set up the day before and then break down and send everything back to the client the day after for Premiere Nutrition and the Rock n Roll Expo.

  • Technology

    I have done a lot of phone promotions like US Cellular, Verizon, and Ntelos. I also did one for Microsoft 7 and Windows 8. I made ID badges for Children and worked the computers for 2 Army events.I had to work a conference through a movie screen for mary kay and the True Blood HBO sneak peak.

  • Tour Manager

    Pennicle Food tour, SOBE Spring Break Tour, Warped Tour

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Done many car and bike shows. Some in Richmond, VA and at the conference centers in Washington DC, Las Vegas NV Dulles VA, and VA Beach, VA.

  • Bar Tender

    Bartending Certificate and TIPS certified.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Microsoft excel, word, works, powerpoint, online websites and Windows.

  • Dancer

    been dancing all my live. Cheer, pom, hip hop, jazz, jazz technique. Was co captain of my cheerleading squad in High School and Captain of my Dance and competition team in High School. Did jazz for 4 years, cheer for 8+, hip hop/pom 5+ years. Coached Cheerleading choreographed for two different teams. Took one to competition won first place. Jazz technique taken in college. Dancing is my favorite thing to do.

  • Driving License

    have had a drivers license since I turned 16. Good driving record. Have driven many promotional vehicles like an 18 ft. truck for SOBE and a SUV and trailer for Pepsi Next. I Drive all the time for promotions all over.

  • Face Painting

    Painted peoples faces for Trident Layers event then had them on Facebook and other web pages.

  • First Aid Certificate

    Got my certificate while working with children in college at a daycare. Also was CPR certified but need to get it renewed.

  • Own Car

    had my own car since i was 15. Never got into any accidents. Clean driving record.

  • Public Speaking

    Took Public Speaking in College. I have had to speak at big groups for training events that I managed.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Good at both but really enjoy skating.

  • Qualifications

    many certificates in training for children. Have much Lab experience from Biology major. Fitness instructor for children Bartending Certificate and TIPS Certified


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