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    Stephanie Tullock,


    In the amount of time I have been on SFS I have been booked for several events. I have had nothing but great experiences through the site. I really recommend it to a lot of more.

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    Christopher Bennett,

    Booking Manager, Big Orange Productions

    A client of ours had other staffing sources drop the ball on them, and asked if we could them help out. These were in states we don't normally cover, so our own database wasn't more.

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Experience Summary

I have been working in promotional and experiential marketing for the past 12 years. I have extensive experience in mobile tour management, event management, field management, logistics, strike, account management, staffing, sampling and guerilla marketing. I have successfully executed over 77 promotional marketing events ranging from a few days to several months. I have also successfully executed 7 different mobile marketing tours across the United States. While I am not fully fluent in Spanish I can easily carry a conversation. If you are looking for someone who is reliable (I have NEVER not shown up for any event or promotion), hard-working, and will positively represent your brand with an upbeat personality I am your woman! View my contact details, availability, and stats.



Other Skills

Ability to work under pressure, excellent at meeting all client goals and objectives.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    I am usually the event manager but have assisted the manager on numerous occasions.

  • Auditing

    I have had to observe other promotional talent and make sure they are doing and saying key message points from the client and reporting feedback on them.

  • Bar Promotions

    I have done several bar programs for Stoli vodka and Captain Morgan. I've also done promotions for Sterling Vintner wine.

  • Brand Ambassador

    I started doing brand ambassador work when I was 17 years old so that's been for 13 years now. If you want a HIGHLY experienced person I'm your woman!

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    I have done numerous concert and event promotions including MLB baseball games and a variety of concerts.

  • Costume and Character

    I once worked as a Carebear for Quality Marketing based out of California for a kids promotion at Toys R Us.

  • Data Capture

    I've done several types of data capture related events, usually within automobile promotions. I've worked for Toyota where I had to scan a person's driver's license and then make sure the fields had accurate information such as name, address, etc. I've also done data capture for a Dodge event where I had a hand held device (similar to a large palm pilot) where I had to put in consumer data and also "opt-in" marketing info.

  • Demonstration

    I have had to do multiple demo type events inside retail establishments such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Home Depot. One of the ones that clearly stands out in my mind was fpr the Swiffer "Wet-Jet" when it first came out. I had a sample piece of linoleum floor and would get it dirty with debris and show the mop worked to consumers.

  • Event Management

    I have had to oversee more than 15 different staff for various events over the years. I have also been responsible for hiring the staff, processing time sheets/paperwork and payroll duties.

  • Exhibitions

    I recently worked a Financial Exhibit for Fisher Investments.

  • Flyering

    See notes under demonstration.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    I have had to register guests/ be a greeter for numerous automotive events.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    I have done numerous health and beauty demos including Dove and Olay. For one of the Olay demos, I had to actually attend a 6 hour class to learn about the product and latest skin scanning technology.

  • Hospitality

    I am Total Quality Management Certified through my college (2000) which is for the hospitality industry. I've also worked a Captain Morgan event which was hosted in the hospitality suite at a ski resort.

  • In Store Demonstrator

    Again too many to list but some of them have been for Popable chocolates and SlimFast products in various stores including Wal Mart, KMart, Home Depot etc.

  • Mall Events

    I worked a promotion for H&R Block where I had to flyer basically an entire city for a promotion.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    I've worked for Mobile Media Enterprises doing the Diet Dt. Pepper tour as a local brand ambassador. These events were large scale, major set-up type events located inside malls in the northeast.

  • Merchandising

    I have done research panels for 20/20 marketing research. My most recent study was on camping and camping related equipment.

  • Modelling

    I have done several promotional modeling type jobs. One that comes to mind immediately was for Pepsi at Nascar races.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I recently did an undercover/mystery shopping program for PET ice cream where I had to obtain information from Harris Teeter stores. (That was with Attack! Marketing).

  • Presenting

    I have had to be a speaker for when I was a tour manager. was the sponsor of the careerfair.

  • Roadshows

    I did a 3 day roadshow for Sahale snacks at Costco. I've also done several Olay promotions/roadshows at Sam's clubs.

  • Sales

    I've worked at BestBuy for a year selling appliances. I also was a store manager for GNC for several years where I sold health related products.

  • Sampling

    90% of promotions is usually sampling so again there are too many sampling programs to list.

  • Security

    I did a promotion for where I was the field manager for a 2 week program in Columbia, SC for the Dirty Movie promotion starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. Since Cuba Gooding, Jr actually showed up at one of the events, I had to help arrange for security.

  • Technology

    I've done several technology related promotions including being a tour manager for which is a technology based website for jobseekers. I'm also currently doing a promotion for U.S.Airways for 9 days where I'm training the flight attendants on the new gogo internet wifi service offered onboard on flights in the U.S.

  • Tour Manager

    I have successfully completed 7 mobile tours including an 7 month tour for Timberland, 3 years for, a tour for Hannaford Grocery store, a tour for McKesson/HealthMart Pharmacies, and a tour for Carhartt. I have been a regional manager overseeing multiple tour teams as well.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    I have done several autoshows and have done a financial conference. I would love to get even more involved in tradeshows and conferences.

  • CDL Driving License

    I had a CDL permit which I would be willing to renew if necessary. I also possess a CURRENT DOT medical card.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    I know the full MSOffice Suite. I also own a mac and am pretty familiar with it.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    In additional to more advance skills I can perform basic computer skills as well.

  • Dancer

    Although I haven't roller skated in some time, I grew up going to the roller rink and can pick it up pretty fast.

  • Driving License

    I have a current North Carolina driver's license and have had no major violations of ANY type.

  • Food Service Certification

    I have taken classes for proper food handling including servsafe.

  • Own Car

    I own a SUV.

  • Poker / Blackjack Dealer

    I have taken college courses on public speaking and have had to engage in public speaking an emcee work on mobile tours and promotions.

  • Public Speaking

    I know how to country line dance.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I used to be a server at Texas Roadhouse and also received TIPS certification while there (proper alcohol serving protocol).

  • Wait Staff

    I have previously been a waitress with Texas Roadhouse.

  • Qualifications

    AS in Business Science, BS in Business Administration/Marketing, working on my MBA (current GPA is 3.5)


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