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    Degra Stratton,


    I really love your site - it is both informative and easy to navigate. I am glad that I registered with your company.

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    Sarah Boyes,


    I compare SFS to my Internet banking account. It’s easy to use, quick and very reliable; I would say that 50% of the work I get comes from SFS. I received a call out of the more.

Staff Essentials

Please check out the information, products and advice below. We hope you find them helpful, however Stuckforstaff are not responsible for the advice or content below or on the associated websites.

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Away from home

  1. The Yellow Pages directory on the internet.
  2. If you are staying away and want to check out wheres good to eat, GRABAMEAL has got listings of every cuisine undeer the sun...........(sun? who said sun! wheres the sun?!)
  3. If your out and about and you want to find some place to eat, check out TOPTABLE.
  4. Have a look in here if your after a bed for the night.
  5. Here is another amazing guide of whats on everywhere in the country. Now there is no excuse for staying in!
  6. Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and many more all under one roof. What more do ya want?.....(don't answer that!)
  7. Variety being the spice of life, have a look here for somewhere to stay! Need a room, try here.
  8. Well if your working away you need somewhere to stay!
  9. Having trouble getting the money you're owed from an agency? Call in the professionals! Thomas Higgins will send a solicitor's letter requesting payment for just £1.75 and if need be, follow it up further. No more excuses agencies!!!
  10. Make sure you're properly covered for driving on the job!  Get a competitive quote from Direct Line.  Click the image below:

  11. You've just done a really pants job, it was raining all day and the money weren't great.  The last thing you want is to be sat in between junctions on the hard shoulder of the M6 at 11pm when you should be in the pub!  Get some roadside assistance or check out the other great services that the AA have to offer by clicking the image below:

Getting to the Job

  1. Shows the best road route to take to the job, step-by step, and how long it will take you.
  2. Everything that you want to know about all the various types of transport in London: Buses Boats Streets Taxis Coaches DLR Trams Tube
  3. The Young Persons Railcard offers cheap rail travel for those aged between 16 and 25. And no, they won't accept your Z-card as proof!
  4. Plan your train journey over the phone. Call 08457 484950
  5. Listen to updates on services or plan your route on London's transport system with a travel advisor. Call 020 7222 1234
  6. Call this number from a landline and you will be put through to a local taxi firm wherever you are. 0800 666666
  7. Online London Underground and Train connection maps, to help you travel in the Capital and have no excuses for lateness!
  8. Fed up with having your house full of stock on a long campaign? Get a storage unit from Access.
  9. Tells you how to get to your destination by train, where to change and at what times.
  10. Before you set off for the job, find the best route using the AA Route Planner.  No more excuses for lateness people, and who may even get there early enough for a cheeky McDonald's brekkie!
  11. Google Maps is a Google service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information -- including business locations...very useful!!
  12. Great tool - for multiple stop trips, shows all your call locations in order of convenience

Image and Publicity

  1. Work out and stay in shape at one of Esporta's many fitness centres in the UK.
  2. Mailing out all those photos, CVs and invoices can be expensive if you buy your stationery on the high street. Get some cheap deals from Viking Direct.
  3. Postscript design offers affordable tailored websites to suit your needs. If you want to see an example of their work, look no further - they designed! Increase your exposure on the web...
  4. Whilst your waiting to become a celebrity, learn how to dress like one! Buy what the stars are wearing at AsSeenOnScreen.

  5. When your applying to the HUGE list of agencies on this site, you're gonna need a lot of paper.  A lot of printer ink.  And a lot of envelopes!  Make sure you're not paying over the odds for it - you can get discount stationery at EurOffice.  Click the image below:

Managing your money

  1. Trouble finding a mortgage because you're self-employed? The financial advisers at FPD Savils will recommend a range of self-certification mortgages and guide you through the process.
  2. If your mobile costs are escalating faster than your career, take control of your tariff.  BT Fusion allows you to create your own tariff that's suitable for your needs.  Click the image below:

  3. Do you want to know what information credit agencies hold about you? You can check your credit score, see which lenders are best suited to you, and find out other things that you'd probably rather know at CheckMyFile. Click the link below:

  4. There's a lot of work and pleasure opportunities on the internet, and now StuckForStaff has come along, you will be spending a lot more time online.  Get a good deal from BT Openworld, or better still, sign up to their broadband service, so that your favourite website works even quicker!

  5. Homeworking UK is a great free website that gives an insight to all the different opportunities of earning money from the comfort of your own home, and even warns you of the scams!
  6. The following information is designed to help you understand the payment systems of Promotion, Field Marketing and Brand Experience work, and assist you in ensuring that you get your money on time.  As StuckForStaff is an independent company, we cannot get directly involved in payment disputes, but please follow the guidelines below carefully to avoid confusion, and hopefully protect you in the event of a problem.


    • Please make sure you know ALL details for a job before you agree to being committed to do that job.
    • Make sure you are certain of dates, rates of pay, hours, locations and typ of work.
    • Check whether you will be reimbursed for any expenses or per diems.
    • Ask when you can expect to be paid, and take a note of the date.
    • If the agency / booker is unsure of these details, or are awaiting confirmation, do not commit to the job.  Instead, pencil it in your diary, making this clear to the agency, and say you will await full details.
    • Ask the agency for the above details in writing - it will help if you use email or have a fax.
    • Always file these job details and any other paperwork safely, including copies of any report forms, until you have been paid.  You will need them.
    • Make sure you follow instructions regarding job paperwork and report forms carefully - paperwork is often as important as the job itself, and may hinder your payment if it is wrong or late.
    • Keep copies of all invoices and wage slips - you will need them in order to work out how much tax you owe, or want to reclaim at the end of the year - this is a legal requirement.  If you have questions on tax, you can call the confidential Tax Helpline anonymously on 08456086000.


    • Please help keep a standard in the industry, by not accepting any work that is less than £50-60 for an 8 hour day.
    • It is quite normal for an agency or booker to pay their staff anything up to 8 weeks after the job.  If you are new to promotions, this may seem a long time to you.  Get used to it - it is standard.
    • Some agencies will pay more frequently, but most deal with staff wages once a month.  The most common system is to pay the staff at the end of the month, following the month of their wage claim.  For example, if you worked any time in June, and you sent your wage claim and it arrived with the agency before June 30th, you would be paid approximately at the end of July / start of August.
    • Make sure your wage claim or invoice is clear, accurate, legible and has your correct payment details on it.  There is a printable invoice template on StuckForStaff for you to use.
    • Do not start to hassle agencies before the date of payment, or immediately on the date of payment.
    • If you have still not received your wages a few days after the expected day, call the agency.  There may have been a genuine problem, and they need to know that you have not received your payment.  Be polite, and you are more likely to resolve the issue quickly.
    • If the issue has still not been resolbved after a few days, phone again.  More often than not, a few polite phone calls will sort the situation out - a rude or abusive answerphone message will not.
    • Should you have problems in claiming payment for work or have problems with an employer please see the PROMO UNION page where you will find details on joining the GMB Promo Union; a specific organisation offering support to staff within the Industry.

    It is advisable to be in control of your finances and to have contingency funds - the world of promotions is often unpredicatble, and you may find yourself with periods of low work and cash, so be prepared.  At some point, every one of you will probably be owed money or paid late - it does not mean that the agency will do a runner or try to have you over, and many times the agency will be thoroughly reputable aside from that occasion.  Do keep track of who owes you what - your greatest resource (apart from SFS of course!) is well kept and organised records of your work.

    Good luck - we hope you find this helpful.  Please note: the above is for information only.  StuckForStaff are not professional advisors and as such are not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

  7. Once you discover our Promo-Agencies list, you'll be spending a whole lotta time calling them all to register.  So you're gonna need cheap phone calls, right?  If you have a BT line, SAVE UP TO 25% on your bills to landlines and mobiles with HOMECALL.

    Special StuckForStaff offer:  If you quote the StuckForStaff phone number (020 8316 0007) when calling, you will receive £10 WORTH OF FREE CALLS when you register with Homecall.

    Call 0870 900 0665 and quote number 020 8316 0007

  8. In between working, you could earn extra money by taking part in Market Research and focus groups.  Saros are always looking for new participants and you can earn from £30 upto £200 just by giving your views on different products and services.

    Registration is free, so click the link and regster now!

  9. Finding the right accountant can be a nightmare, and also quite expensive, but being self-employed you need to have one to make sure you aren't paying too much tax.

    Step forward Tax Watchdog - they will do your Self-Employed Accounts for a FIXED FEE!  Just £159 + vat, so you don't have to be worried about spiralling costs.

    You can also get a free Tax Healthcheck - 1 in 3 people are due a Tax Refund, and don't know it!  Are you one of them?

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Being able to drive is useful for much promotion work, whether for the job, or just getting there. To apply for a licence check the web-link below. Stay safe, and remember to check your insurance covers you for the journeys and work.
  2. Floodlight offer a directory of different courses at various places throughout the UK, including part-time courses in Marketing or PR!
  3. Increase your CV, have more fun on your holidays, and impress that fanciable foreign exchange student that you were working with at the weekend!  Learn to speak another language with Linguaphone. Claquer le image dessous:

  4. Knowing how to drive will definitely increase your chance of work, especially Event Management.  Learn from the experts. 

    Save £2 per hour if you book 12 hours or more.

  5. Ever wanted to get more food sampling or demonstrating work?  Want to increase your safety skills?  It's well worth completing a short course to gain the certificates in this industry.

    Check out EskyWeb for courses available online, or on CD-Rom.

  6. Event Management UK - Event Management and other related links
  7. If you want to publicise yourself as a fashion or photographic model, alongside promotions, visit this site for the best links.  StuckForStaff are Listed in The Modeling Index

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