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    Lisa Major

    We LOVE your site! We have received so many qualified applicants from SFS and I am so glad I found this resource- Thank you.

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    Diane Washington Shepard,


    I appreciate any assistance SFS has provided via email, with notifications for events and campaigns.  My experiences have been positive. It's provided me the opportunity to more.

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Experience Summary

Cover Letter I am fascinated by the creativity involved in making the “one-of-a "kind” supplies that go into operating a successful tour (logistically, financially, and what will make the tour stand out to the targeted population). I love to travel. I thrive off a sense of accomplishment whether it is from physical labor and design or planning and problem solving I do hope to hear from you soon. Carolina Hatfield (503) 318-7276 Resume Please see my photos and resume at Carolina Anais Hatfield 715 SW King Avenue, #25, Portland, Oregon 97205 PH: 503.318.7276 EMAIL: Summary of Qualifications: ? more than 4 years of marketing & promotion experience ? ability to handle sporadic workload and meet deadlines ? strong organizational skills and excellent interpersonal skills ? create visual set-ups ? computer skills in MS Excel, Outlook, and Word, Photoshop, amongst other popular software ? ability to communicate on various levels with advertisers, artists, corporate clients and media contacts ? ordering and monitoring inventory, vehicle maintenance ? managing all aspects of events, cleaning and maintaining event equipment ? greeting consumers, running event, problem solving, administering tasks and breaks ? expense reports ? timely recaps/photos Product Branding: --- M & M’s Peanut Chews Slimfast Vitamin Water Tilamook Ice Cream Kashi Burger King Coca-Cola Soft Cup First Response Cars 2 (Movie) Lego Heroica Wii Games Xbox360 Kinect Bacardi Absolut Vodka Apeach METHOD cleaner USAA Long Term Care State Farm Qwest Comcast Science Diet " Nature’s Best Infiniti Nissan Leaf Degree NEW Nature Inspired Mist Burt’s Bees Catch-Con 2009 - 2010 (Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch) Company History: Marketing Werks Across the Nation All Aces Attack Marketing Encore Nationwide Blue Flame Ascent Talent Fusion Event Staffing Adelante Live Inc. GMR EventPro Strategies REDPEG Marketing GC Marketing Triple Point 360 Events Promotion History: Guerilla Marketing In-Store Promotions Festivals Sports Events Concerts Conventions Event Setup / Breakdown Bar / Liquor Promotions Mall Promotions Nightclubs Community Service: o Served more than 220 hours as a Clinic Assistant at Outside In, Portland, OR, a homeless youth shelter 2007 - 2008 o Three weeks of volunteer service at an orphanage in Costa Rica Aug -Sept 2008 View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Resume available upon request



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    8/04/05 – 8/06/06 - PRODUCT: Urban Pages Guerrilla Marketing and private functions

  • Bar Promotions

    05/05/06 -PRODUCT: Jose Cuervo – bar promotion 7/8/05 – 9/12/05 - PRODUCT: Absolut Vodka Apeach bar/liquor promotion

  • Brand Ambassador

    05/27/10 – 6/09/10 - PRODUCT: Science Diet – Nature’s Best Race Event, Guerilla Marketing, and Festival

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    04/24/2010 - PRODUCT: PictureU - First Response March of Dime March for Babies 12/15/06 - PRODUCT: Mactarnahan’s Brewery Portland Trail Blazer’s Game 12/23/06 - PRODUCT: SlimFast – event promotion Dancing With the Stars

  • Costume and Character

    04/17/09 – 5/01/09 - PRODUCT: Nintendo Dsi – Rhythm Heaven Bar promotion - Garage Billiards - Rock Star Costume and Character

  • Demonstration

    7/23/05 – 9/01/05 - PRODUCT: Bear Naked Granola grocery store sampling

  • Event Management

    02/25/06 – 02/26/06 - PRODUCT: Dove – in store promotion

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    05/09/10 - PRODUCT: Infiniti VIP Host – Cirque du Soleil – Portland, OR 8/04/05 – 8/06/06 - PRODUCT: Urban Pages Guerrilla Marketing and private functions, Portland, OR

  • In Store Demonstrator

    02/25/06 – 02/26/06 - PRODUCT: Dove – in store promotion

  • Mall Events

    10/14/05 – 12/24/05 - PRODUCT: QWEST – mall promotion - Race to Italy Portland Pioneer Mall

  • Modelling

    04/28/09 - PRODUCT: Bacardi BACARDI B-LIVE Tour

  • Set Up / Labor

    05/27/10 – 6/09/10 - PRODUCT: Science Diet – Nature’s Best Race Event, Guerilla Marketing, and Festival

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    05/01/10 - PRODUCT: Catch-Con 2010 Discovery Channel -Deadliest Catch 2/07/06 – 2/12/06 - PRODUCT: Archers Afield – event promo Sportsman’s Show – Portland Expo Center

  • Bar Tender

    I have served drinks for events.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I work very well with most computer interactions and programs. Also, I tend to pick up new programs easily.

  • Driving License

    I have an Oregon license

  • First Aid Certificate

    CPR / AED for professional health workers certified by the Red Cross

  • Own Car

    I own a car and have a valid license.

  • Qualifications

    A.A. in Graphic Design B.S. in Liberal Arts


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