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    David Davies,

    Davies Milne (UK)

    I found the service very speedy in terms of response and provided me with an excellent array of options to choose from.

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    Louise China,

    Beauty Consultants Bureau (UK)

    Amazed at the results!!

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Experience Summary

Sports: Aerobics, Bowling, Jet Ski, Volley Ball, and Dance Hobbies: Traveling, Volunteering, Shopping, Watching Movies, and Learning New Things Computer Skills: Proficient with MS Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

SHORT FILM / COMMERCIAL Soman Chainan Party Extra Simon Manor NC Non-Smokers (CCL Media) Restaurant Extra Ruckus Pizza, Pasta, and Spirits PRINT Brian Yarvin Food Photography Dumpling Model Cookbook Jamie Cocco Photographer Female Calendar Model Construction Worker Calendar Prudential Brochure Print Model Health Insurance, Pages 2 and 16


Other Skills

Outgoing, professional, friendly, realiable, sexy, curvy, female, customer service, detail oriented, Enthusiast


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Local Manager to assist Tour Managers with staff and other important tasks as needed.

  • Auditing

    Assistant Manager for a retail store. Medical Device Quality personnel responsible for assisting with site audits.

  • Bar Promotions

    Alcohol bervage Ambassador for various favors and brands at bars and nightclubs.

  • Brand Ambassador

    1995-1996 Retail auditing in a clothing store working as a Assistand Store Manager. 2007-Present Documentation auding for Medical Device company.

  • Chef

    Cook for my family! They love my cooking!!!

  • Concerts & Sports Event

    Blackberry luvs U2 2009 Concert Blackberry Blackeye Peas Concert 2010

  • Costume and Character

    9/2009 Kelloggs Oxford, NC Meet and Greet Guide responsible for promoting Kelloggs brand at Wal-Mart Helped Tony the Tiger costumer with putting on and taking off the costume. Walked around and guided costumer as he shake hands, and gave hugs at event Encouraged parents to take pictures of kids with Tony the Tiger. Interacted very friendly with the public (waved to people, smiled, and said, ‘hello’). Wore dark blue polo shirt and khaki pants.

  • Data Capture

    2004 Lean Cuisine Philly, PA Brand Ambassador at Susan Komen Beast Cancer Race for the Cure Event Distributed branded premium items and collateral materials. Facilitated data capture surveys and entry to win prizes. Encouraged future Lean Cuisine product purchases. Aided in the complete physical set-up and tear down of event. Assisted on-site Manager with all program elements, as needed. Assisted photographer by assigning photo numbers and informing consumers about retrieving photos from e-mail.

  • Demonstration

    11/2009 Method Chapel Hill, NC Brand Delegate responsible for promoting Method In-Store demo at Lowes Educated consumers on featured products and how they may impact their lives Engaged each consumer and relate to them in a friendly, well-informed tone. Handed out hand wash samples and coupons. Set-up demo table and all kit components. Wore branded apron with black pants and white shirt.

  • Event Management

    Event setup/breakdown. Handles timesheets. Ensure staff are ready and trained on jobs tasks, asigns breaks, complete event recaps and takes photos. Meets with onsite staff / contacts before, during, after events. Main contact at events.

  • Exhibitions

    Demostrate products at Tradeshow, Home Shows, Bridal Show and Health Expos

  • Flyering

    11/2009 NesCafe Garner, NC Product Demonstrator responsible for Sampling Event at Food Lion Offered consumers a sample of Nescafe Clasico Suave hot coffee. Communicated the benefits of the brand. Disseminate coupons to encourage purchase and trial. Set-up demo table and all kit components. Wore branded black pants, white shirt and hair net.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    09/2009 Kelloggs Oxford, NC Meet and Greet Guide responsible for promoting Kelloggs brand at Wal-Mart Helped Tony the Tiger costumer with putting on and taking off the costume. Walked around and guided costumer as he shake hands, and gave hugs at event Encouraged parents to take pictures of kids with Tony the Tiger. Interacted very friendly with the public (waved to people, smiled, and said, ‘hello’). Wore dark blue polo shirt and khaki pants.

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    10/2009 L’Oreal Color Space Raleigh, NC Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting L’Oreal at State Fair Distributed printed material & product premiums. Encouraged guests to sample various product lines. Greeted consumers & assist w/crowd control. Used tickers Scheduled mini makeover appointments Poured different shampoos & conditioners into small bottles for consumers to sample. Helped customers in retail area find products for purchase.

  • Hospitality

    2004 JP Morgan Chase NJ Areas Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting 3 Bank Grand Opening(s) Took photos, printed them out and put them in frames for consumers. Handed out balloons to children, flower seeds and Chase pens to consumers. Distributed fliers to local stores and handed out fliers to people on the street. Encouraged consumers to open up checking account(s) with direct deposit to receive $100.00 Aided in the complete physical set-up and tear down of each event

  • In Store Demonstrator

    2009 Instore sparkling wine 2 day event in Sam's Warehouse 2009 Coffee Instore sampling at food store 2010 Deordent Instore coupon hand out in food store 2010 Instore Wine event in Sam's Warehouse (Seller / Sever Certification) 2010 Greens + Engery Bar Sales Instore demo event in Costco Club (Food Safety Certification)

  • Mall Events

    01/2010 Jackson Hewitt Henderson & Oxford, NC Brand Ambassador for Street Marketing responsible for promoting Jackson Hewitt at select locations Promoted and crated customer awareness of Jackson Hewitt. Reinforced the consumer’s decision to use Jackson Hewitt to create brand loyalty. Generated comfort, excitement and sense of urgency for consumers to have their taxes prepared by Jackson Hewitt. Handed out coupons for discounted tax preparation services. Exhibited a professional, friendly & Assertive demeanor.

  • Market Research / Surveys

    02/2005 Dove Indulgence Paramus, NJ Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting Dove chocolates at Garden State Mall Aided in the physical set-up of event. Distributed free Dove chocolates and refilled tray platters with chocolates. Kept an eye on sales register and rung up purchases. Encouraged future Dove product purchases. Greeted mall goers with a smile! Initiated conversations with target consumers about the brand. Walked around Dove kiosk handing out Dove chocolates and coupons. Wore Dove T-shirt and black pants.

  • Merchandising

    11/2009 Auto Zone Sweepstakes Merchandisor - Picked up completed entery forms and mailed to specified location.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    11/2009 Auto Zone Raleigh, NC Merchandiser responsible for picking-up Havoline Sweepstake Entries at 9 Auto Zone locations Visited Auto Zone stores, counted sweepstake entries and obtained store managers signature. Completed paperwork to be called in, faxed and mailed to promotional company. Helped manager break down Havoline displays. Followed appearance guidelines for event.

  • Modelling

    LIVE / RUNWAY 2009 African Prestige Magazine Launch / African Prestige Fashion Show (Model) 2009 Vogue Modeling & SE7EN World Tour (Hostess) 2004 Anthony EastWick / Swimsuit/Leather Fashion Show (Model) 2004 Abstract Management & Consulting / Urban Wear Fashion Show (Model) 2002 Church Fund Raiser / Casual Wear Fashion Show (Model) 2001 Urban Talent Show / Cultural Extravaganza Fashion Show (Model)

  • Mystery Shopping


  • Presenting

    Currently a Training Coordinator at a Johnson & Johnson company. Responsible for training entire company on Quality System.

  • Roadshows

    11/2009 - 12/2009 Minutes Made Raleigh, NC Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting Enhanced Strawberry Kiwi Juice Drink in 5 Raleigh locations Poured and distributed 3oz cups of product to patrons passing by at the Mall. Encouraged patrons to sample the product. Handed out 59oz bottles as give-always to promote brand. Presented general brand knowledge of product. Helped set-up event tent, serving bar, juice cart and banners. Wore branded fleece and required black wardrobe.

  • Sales

    Increasing wine and beer sales at various sales. Sampled and educated public with product knowledge.

  • Sampling

    2004 Xtreme Rides 2 Newark, NJ Promotional Model responsible for promoting Rix’s Magazine at Import Auto & Bike Show Served as a liaison between the brand and consumers. Distributed branded premium items (magazines, caps, posters, cups, key chains, etc). Sold Rix’s magazines to patrons at the event. Took pictures with vehicle owners and event spectators. Went on stage with other Models to toss premium items to the crowd. Wore provided tank tops and low rider jeans with heels.

  • Security

    12/2009 Sparkling Wine Event Morrisville, NC Product Demonstrator responsible for 2 day Sampling Event at Sam’s Club Offered consumers a sample of Rosa Regale, Martini Assai & Rossi, Cook’s and Korbel. Ensured customers signed-off on acknowledgement form (at least 21 to consume alcohol) Encouraged purchase of sparkling wine at the event. Over 60 bottles were sold during the event. Set-up / broke-down demo table with chilled product, extra bottles, and all kit components.

  • Set Up / Labor

    12/2009 Chevy Raleigh, NC Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting Chevy at RBC Hurricane’s Hockey Games Encouraged game spectators to enter drawing to win a 2010 Chevy Equinox. Handed out t-shirts with every completed drawing entry. Encouraged game spectators to visit their local Chevy dealer to take a test drive for 2 Hurricane tickets and cap. Broke down event table, tent and flags.

  • Technology

    02/2010 Computers and hand help data tablets for survey taking at NASCAR COPD Awareness event

  • Tour Manager

    12/2009 Time Warner Cable Cary, NC Brand Ambassador responsible for promoting Beatles Rock Band at Best Buy Helped distribute t-shirts and necklaces with Team Leader. Encouraged customers to enter sweepstakes to win a Beatles Rock Band set-up. Walked around Best Buy greeting and talking with consumers about Beatles Rock Band. Created brand awareness for Beatles Rock Band for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii systems. Encouraged customers to play the video game at the special event set-up in Best Buy. Wore branded t-shirt and khaki pants.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    Sold costume jewerly at Bridal Expo Tradeshow in New York City.

  • Bar Tender

    Cerified to Sell and Serve Alochol

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Proficient with MS Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Word Processing, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Documentum.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)


  • Dancer

    Hiphop and Slow dancing

  • Driving License

    Valid North Carolina Class C

  • First Aid Certificate

    American Red Cross Certification

  • Food Service Certification

    Certified to service / handle food at Costco Club Warehouse

  • Make Up Artist

    I can apply make-up like an skilled artist

  • Own Car


  • Public Speaking

    Interested - Taking Toast Masters Class

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Interested - Roller Skater

  • Wait Staff

    Food / Wine Server at Corparate Sales Event for Pharm Company

  • Qualifications

    Berkeley College, Woodbridge, NJ Office Systems Management Degree Fall 2004 Berkeley College / Toast Masters Public Speaking Techniques Candace Enterprises, Plainfield, NJ Microsoft Office Certificate Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, NJ Graduated


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