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    Gayle Bradshaw,


    I love SFS! The systems are easy to follow, the requirements are easy to meet, the events are interesting and fun, and the staff are always there to help. Thank you for more.

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    Anji Bramley,


    EXCELLENT SERVICE ....Thank you!

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Gretchen's Profile

Experience Summary

Professional life: I have a degree in merchandising; former runway modeling experience; 13 yrs real estate sales; am currently a supervisor for 17 merchandisers; have event/promo experience; have done mystery shopping and product demonstrations for several companies. View my contact details, availability, and stats.



Other Skills

Excellent people skills


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Auditing

    Have worked many events when I owned my own jewelry design business

  • Data Capture

    Have done exit surveys outside malls

  • Demonstration

    in-store demo work for ncis, mass connections, national in store and big orange productions

  • Exhibitions

    Trade shows; Womens Show, Neptune Festival Art Show, Bazaar Bazaar in Richmond, VA

  • Flyering

    demos in toy stores, Target, KMart, Harris Teeter, Farm Fresh, Walmart

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    Varied in past years

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    Worked for Este Lauder for 1 year in San Diego, CA

  • Hospitality

    Manned booths at variety of trade shows---local and out of town

  • Market Research / Surveys

    Have set up and manned my own jewelry booth in malls; worked in several malls as a sales rep for Virginian Pilot

  • Merchandising

    Have done market research in the auto industry; surveys in person and by phone

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    1. degree in fashion merchandising 2. management and fashion show experience with Buffums Dept store 3. 6 yrs employment with ATA retail; I currently supervise 17 merchandisers

  • Modelling

    Small amount of planogram work with Crossmark

  • Mystery Shopping

    When I was in college and working in the fashion industry I did both modeling and the event coordinator for many fashion shows.

  • Presenting

    I have done mystery shopping in retail stores, fast food restaurants, country clubs, family restaurants, golf clubs, car dealers, wine stores

  • Sales

    overlaps with event and promo shows

  • Sampling

    retail sales background; 13 yrs. real estate sales; owned my own jewelry business for 3 yrs.----both show sales and custom order sales

  • Security

    in store demo work

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    basic computer skills; own my own computer

  • Driving License

    Virginia drivers license

  • First Aid Certificate

    certified red cross instructor

  • Hairstylist

    have mass connections food service certification

  • Own Car

    yes; 1908 VW EOS

  • Qualifications

    BA in Fashion Merchandising from Penn State University; advanced sales training classes from Realtors Institute;



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