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    Mike Stearns

    StuckForStaff has been a great resource for PS-Stearns in recruiting quality staff for our events.

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    Laura Hirsch,

    Mainstream Financial Media & PR (UK)

    StuckForStaff was very helpful in that I was able to hear back from several companies and could choose the best deal and most appropriate firm for the client.

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I love what I do. have served as a Brand Ambassador for the past 3 years working wine, spirits, field and guerilla marketing, management, and team lead. These positions have allowed me to engage customers and guests in conversations, interact, and show my fun, while maintaining proper work demeanor. Also,I recently received my M.B.A. in marketing which is the highlight of my year. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




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Extra Information

  • Brand Ambassador

    For 6 months, I checked the Cheerios Cereal boxes for level of damage, manufacturer number and dates. January 09-July 09 I occasionally receive an assignment to check the monitors at doctor's offices for noise level, ability to change channels, and content on the monitors

  • Event Management

    Managed 7 girls during Black Music Month promotion. Assisted in human resources. Maintained records of schedules, recaps, and time-sheets. Assisted in set-up and break-down of materials. June 07-June07 Interacted with customers and distributed company product. Helped track promotion materials. Reported schedules, checklist lists, and release forms. • Executed the promotion ahead of the standard time efficiently. • Responsible for human resources, supply maintenance and distribution, and customer satisfaction

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    I have worked independent parties and promotions where I was required to be the first smiling face people saw and guide/director of locations and meeting points

  • Health & Beauty Demo

    • Encouraged purchase of Axe line of body wash products and made sale • Promoted key benefits of Dove Washes and sold 20 bottles • Demonstrated key products in Oil of Olay line and increased brand awareness • Distributed food products to consumers for Super Bowl weekend, producing sales • Maintained log of distributed products • Acted as brand ambassador for Alka-Seltzer and sold all in-store product. • Prompted customers to purchase Vaseline for Men and sold all in store product twice. • Engage sales of Secret Flawless and exceeded sales goals • Meet goal of surveys for Chicago Rush Game • Setup and operated technical devices at National City event • Demonstrated benefits of Oil of Olay effectiveness through computer technology and increased brand awareness. • Promoted new skin care August 07-present .

  • Hospitality

    Greet guests at company events, Sample products with a smile for on-premise and off-premise accounts, and greet everyone I meet with a smile

  • Mall Events

    A medical conference required me to perform flyer distribution for a minimum of four hours outside the conference hotel. January 08 I distributed flyers advertising a private Rihanna concert. November 09

  • Merchandising

    My final project for my MBA required me to create a survey for my Market Research class. I gather information to provide leads for Chicago Wolves coordinators.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    Check Cheerios cereal boxes for level of damage, manufacturer requirements, and sizes January 09-July -09.I recently did TCP work for a medical display at a Chiropractic office. Other experience includes performing as a model for local fashion show in June of 2008

  • Mystery Shopping

    My responsibilities were to critique the timeliness of service, cleanliness of building inside and out and friendliness of staff. I have also audited movie theatres, and hotels .November 08-present

  • Roadshows

    For Twisted Tea, I helped set up the tents and materials for the promotion. Cheese of France had an in-store display which had to be put together. For the movie theater, I had to put together a 5 part cardboard display for an upcoming attraction

  • Sales

    For Navistar, I worked as a trainee in the Mid-America Roadshow(for trucks)

  • Sampling

    As a self-employed workers, I provided phone cards for students on campus

  • Security

    • Meet and exceeded sales goal of Events and Promotions Wines and Spirits. • Responsible for purchase, distribution and disposal of wines and spirits • Maintain a compilation of market forms, receipts, customer opinion and pertinent sales data. • Perform role of team lead, store supplies, and uniform maintenance. • Closely monitor product sales • Acknowledged as top performer for record sales of Margarita King Product • Promoted brand awareness of products such as New Amsterdam Gin, Hpnotiq, PAMA, and the launch of Three Olives Bubble Gum Vodka Increase brand awareness for Cheeses of France. December 06- present

  • Set Up / Labor

    Assisted set-up and labor for Coca-Cola Dome. Pushed 50 lbs.

  • Tradeshows / Conferences

    For the Halloween lotto, I was the grim reaper( in Chicago) For Two Dots, I had a signed attached to my back promoting the HBO series Big Love

  • Driving License

    Class C

  • Own Car

    I have reliable transportation to drive long distances

  • Qualifications

    MBA in Marketing


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